Ricky Starks: If Paul Heyman Got His Hands On Me, I Would Be Unstoppable

Ricky Starks wants to work with Paul Heyman.

Ricky Starks, as a charismatic performer, would love the opportunity to work with Paul Heyman. Of course, Paul Heyman works for WWE and Starks for AEW, but that doesn't mean that both men don't appreciate one another.

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On Josh Martinez’s Superstar Crossover show, Paul Heyman was able to ask the FTW World Champion what his infatuation with Paul Heyman is. Starks, understanding what working with Heyman can do for him, said that he believes if he worked with Paul Heyman, he would be unstoppable.

"Well, first off, I think the fact that Paul is going to acknowledge me is also a good start here. But you know what it is, you know what I actually really like about Paul, is the fact that this dude worked his way up from one of the most famous clubs in New York as a photographer to where he is now. I admittedly, and selfishly, would have loved to have the chance to work with him. Because I know the benefits of working with somebody like Paul, even from the stories of my friends that used to work with him, just knowing that he sees only the positives and how to accentuate that. Bro, I am like a piece of clay right now. Could you imagine if Paul Heyman got his hands on me? I would be freakin' unstoppable," said Starks. "I'm already on my way to being on stage. What I'm saying is I would have been there a lot quicker. So the personal situation with Paul Heyman is the fact that — what a missed opportunity between me and him, don't you think?"

Ricky Starks is paired with Team Taz and of course, Taz is one of the original Paul Heyman guys. Speaking about being paired with Taz, Ricky Starks would say it's awesome to see how the team has grown since he joined AEW.

“Well, I think when I had my debut match against Cody, for the TNT title. I know that Taz took a liking to me and that sparked some interest in terms of him in bringing me on under his knowledge and you know, his learning tree and seeing how I fit with Brian Cage at the time. I think it's just cool how it has kind of organically grown from that. I don't think a lot of people really took me as someone that would fit into Team Taz or with the FTW mindset. So it's a credit to people at AEW and also Taz to be like, ‘No, this dude is a badass. He may be, you know, a pretty boy and all this but he can fight and he has that intensity factor to him that a lot of people are missing.’ So it was just cool to see how that all came about and then to think about that, where it started from just me, Taz, and Brian Cage to where we're at right now. It's insane. It's awesome to me,” Starks said.

Ricky Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs will be featured on AEW Revolution in the Face of the Revolution Ladder Match on Sunday, March 6. Fightful will have live coverage of the event on Sunday, March 6. Check out the full card here.

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