Ricochet: Gauntlet Match On 3/11 WWE Raw Is A Chance For Me To Right A Wrong

Ricochet says Gunther should hope that he doesn't have to face him at WWE WrestleMania 40.

As announced on the March 4 episode of WWE Raw, Ricochet, Chad Gable, Bronson Reed, JD McDonagh, Chad Gable, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Sami Zayn will clash in a Gauntlet Match on the March 11 episode. The winner of the bout will challenge Gunther for the WWE Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania 40.

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Speaking on Raw Talk, Ricochet was asked to share his thoughts on his competitors and his chances of winning the bout.

“I mean, it’s a great question. It’s funny, I really don’t know how I feel. I’ve been thinking about this all day long. I’ve been thinking about my whole career for a long time now. I told Pearce that I might not have been here for a while, but I’ve been watching. Week after week, I’ve been seeing guys walk in and out of his office, all pleading their case as to why it should be them to face Gunther at WrestleMania 40 for the Intercontinental Championship. As much as they believe it should be them, I believe it should be me. For so long, I’ve been trying, I’ve been trying to do things the right way. I’ve kept my mouth shut, I’ve kept my head down. I’ve stayed in great shape, and I’ve done everything that they’ve asked from me, even if I don’t agree with it, even if it was embarrassing for me, I’ve done it. But this Gauntlet match, it’s a chance. It’s an opportunity. It’s an opportunity for me to do something, to right a wrong. I’ve kept my mouth shut. I don’t think Ricochet actually needs to plead his case for anything. I don’t think Ricochet needs to talk about how he didn’t actually get his rematch for the Intercontinental Championship. He had to jump through hoops. I had to earn my Intercontinental Championship rematch, and I pushed Gunther to the limit. I don’t need to talk about how every single time that I step into that ring, I’m most likely gonna do something that nobody’s ever seen before. I don’t need to talk about that. I don’t need to talk about how Logan Paul openly, blatantly cheated at SummerSlam, so much that he still brags about it to this day, leaving my fiancée out there for the whole entire WWE Universe to comment on and to laugh at and to mock. I’ve been thinking about all of this. Gunther, he better hope, he better pray that it’s Gable, or it’s Shinsuke, or it’s Sami, or it’s anybody else in this match. He better pray that it’s them. Because he might walk into WrestleMania 40 as champion, but god willing I find my way standing across from him in that ring, I refuse to let him leave as the Intercontinental Champion," Ricochet said.

As of this writing, Ricochet has not wrestled since the WWE live event on February 4, and he has not had a televised match since WWE Royal Rumble, so he will aim to get back in the mix with a win.

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