Ricochet Says Lucha Underground "Are Being Pricks"

Ricochet won't be appearing for Lucha Underground moving forward, and he's not too happy about it preventing him from appearing on NJPW TV.

The decorated junior heavyweight was a major player in Lucha Underground as Prince Puma, but the structure of his contract kept him away from the likes of WWE, Global Force Wrestling, Ring of Honor and others in America. He was, however, allowed to wrestle for New Japan.

Ricochet didn't show up on AXS TV Saturday night during NJPW's G1 Special, as he's still a character on Lucha Underground. He did appear Sunday night and challenged Young Bucks for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship. But what he said prior made a bigger impression.

"I wanted to be here a little earlier, but a certain underground fighting company are being pricks right now," said Ricochet. "That's okay. I'm here right now. I with my coach (Ryusuke Taguchi) will be the next IWGP Champions."

Ricochet hasn't actually wrestled for Lucha Underground in 14 months. He would later say that Lucha Underground doesn't control of his appearances.

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