Ring of Honor Episode 254 Recap The Young Bucks vs The Briscoe Brothers

Welcome to the Fightful.com recap for this weeks episode of RIng of Honor Wrestling, I'm Ryan Cook and I'll be taking you through tonight's episode as The Young Bucks are set to face off against The Briscoe Brothers and what will be the fallout from what The Bullet Club did to Kyle O'Reilly last week? This question and many more will be answered on tonight's episode so get ready for Ring of Honor Wrestling Episode 254!

-We start with a video package of Adam Cole backstage with the Young Bucks talking how he promised Kyle O'Reilly would not become ROH World champion and then showed what The Bullet Club did to O'Reilly last week and how Kyle faced Jay Lethal and lost in an awe inspiring performance, the Bullet Club coming out afterwards and attacking O'Reilly again. Nigel says that as long as he's match maker Cole will never have another shot at the ROH title. 

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-Jay Lethal comes out to the ring to start the episode, coming out and talking about O'Reilly and what happened last week. Lethal says that what happened between him and Kyle last week wasn't right. It wasn't right that Kyle had to fight him when he wasn't 100% and that the Bullet Club stole Kyle's chance at becoming champion and it wasn't right what he had to do to Kyle. Lethal says he hated it and he wants to team up with the Briscoes tonight so he can take on Adam Cole and the Young Bucks to which Nigel agrees. Nigel the reiterates and says as long as Adam Cole is in ROH he will never get another title shot as we go to commercial.

-As we come back from commercial we get a Steve Corino and Kevin Sullivan.

MOOSE vs P-Dog

Moose tosses The Get Along Gang out of the ring before the match starts. P-Dog tries to hit Moose from behind with a mic as the match does start, but it does nothing to him. Moose then drops P-Dog with a headbutt, following it up with a turnbuckle powerbomb. Moose then throws P-Dog across the ring and drops him with a spear, playing to the crowd who asks for another and he obliges. Moose puts a foot on P-Dog and gets the win.

Winner: Moose via pinfall with a spear.

-After the match Prince Nana comes out with Donovan Dijak and all parties agree to a match.

MOOSE vs Donovan Dijak

Dijak starts off strong, but Moose sends him outside with a beautiful dropkick. Moose then goes out and tosses Dijak around the outside, into the railing, slinging him around with ease. Moose goes for a superman lariat, but Dijak hits a chokeslam onto the apron. They both get back into the ring. Dijak hits a firemans carry sitout powerbomb for close 2 count. Dijak goes to the top rope, but Moose dropkicks him over the top and to the outside. Dijak goes for a springboard move, but Moose catches him and hits a brutal sitout powerbomb for a very close 2 count. Moose and Dijak exchange forearms, ala New Japan then after a series of moves Moose turns Dijak inside out after countering Feast Your Eyes. Dijak hits a choke breaker, but Moose kicks out at 1, quickly following up with another Feast your eyes for the pin and the win.

Winner: Donovan Dijak via pinfall with Feast Your Eyes 

-We get a promo by The Addiction then a very funny one by The Cabinet.

Adam Cole & The Young Bucks vs Mark Briscoe, Jay Briscoe & Jay Lethal

They all start in the ring then quickly go outside and fight around the ring then Jay grabs Cole and sets him up for a crucifix powerbomb, but the Bucks come in and hit a double superkick, taking care of Mark and Lethal on the outside. Cole and the Bucks dominate Jay in the corner, frequently tagging each other in and out, isolating him and cutting off the ring. Jay tags in Mark who takes out both Cole and Nick Jackson. Mark gets thrown off the top rope through a table then the Bucks hit a double super kick on Lethal. The Bucks and Cole are dominating Lethal as they take Mark Briscoe to the back. Lethal mounts some offense against Matt Jackson, but is countered by a beautiful dropkick. Lethal takes out all three members of The Bullet Club on the outside then gets back in to tag in Jay, hitting a Lethal Combination and tagging in Jay Briscoe. Jay Briscoe takes out all three members of Bullet Club with superkicks then gets a quick 2 count. Lethal goes for the Lethal Injecton, but takes two superkicks to his back for his troubles, but Briscoe quickly comes in and takes out both members of The Young Bucks. Lethal hits the Lethal Injection on Cole then rolls up Matt Jackson for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jay Lethal via pinfall

-After the match Cole brings in a chair and takes out Jay Briscoe with his own move; the Jay Driller on the chair. Next they hit a triple superkick on Jay Lethal The Bucks have Lethal in the ropes as Cole takes out a pair of scissors and starts cutting the hair of Jay Lethal. Cole then takes out a pair of clippers and shaves Lethal's head. 

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