Ring of Honor Wrestling Death Before Dishonor Results ROH Title Fatal Four Way

Good evening Fight Fans, and welcome to our coverage for Ring of Honor Wrestling's Death Before Dishonor event!

Hour One

New Number One Contender For The WWE Championship Crowned On 10/25 WWE Raw

15 Man Honor Rumble Match

Brian Milonas and Brian Johnson start the match off before Beer City Bruiser comes in at three before Danhausen enters at four, Caprice Coleman at five before Caprice eliminates BCB and Brian before Sledge comes out at six and Brian eliminates Caprice. PCO comes out next at seven before PJ Black comes in at eight, Dak Draper enters at nine and Silas Young at ten before Dak eliminates Sledge and Rey Horus enters at eleven. Dante Caballero enters at twelve before Danhausen is eliminated by Brian and everyone gangs up on PCO before he fights them off and PCO is next eliminated by Brian before Flip Gordon comes out at thirteen. Joe Keys comes out at fourteen before Dante and Joe team up and superkick Flip before the fifteenth entrant is revealed as World Famous CB who is the new name of the former Cheeseburger. Dak eliminates both Dante and Joe before the final entrant of Alex Zayne before Dak is eliminated and CB and Rey exchange strikes until Rey eliminates CB and Brian eliminates Rey. We then get down to the final four of Flip, Brian, Alex, and PJ before Brian is eliminated and Alex eliminates Flip before Alex last eliminates PJ to win the Honor Rumble.

Winner: Alex Zayne wins the Honor Rumble to earn an opportunity to face ROH World champion Bandido.

- We get an interview with Maria Kanelis-Bennett about the new Ring of Honor show on Youtube that will feature women exclusively in the vein of Women of Honor.

- We get a video package promo by Jonathan Gresham ahead of his PURE title defense against Josh Woods.

- Kenny King and Dragon Lee of Los Faccion Ingobernable comes out onto the stage and address the fans before saying that LFI run ROH and hold all of the gold before saying that they can't replace RUSH, before cutting a promo on Shane Taylor.

- We get a video package for Eli Isom versus Dalton Castle.

Main Show

Dalton Castle vs Eli Isom

Dalton takes Eli down before he gets to his feet and sends Dalton out of the ring before hitting a tope and Dalton rolls out of the ring on the opposite side when Eli goes up top before sending Dalton into the barricade and tossing him back into the ring before hitting an overhead suplex. Dalton suplexes Eli before kicking his legs out when he's up top and boots him off of the top and down onto the floor before controlling him on the mat once they're back inside before Eli comes back with an enzuigiri into a knee lift and a black hole slam for two. Eli and Dalton dodge each other's clotheslines until Dalton flies over the top rope and down onto the floor before Eli tosses him back inside and Dalton hits a head scissors from the apron before tossing Eli back inside. Dalton misses a knee before Eli clotheslines him and hits a TKO for two before taking out The Boys at ringside and low blowing Dak when he goes after him before countering the Bang-A-Rang for a near fall. Dalton then hits the Bang-A-Rang on the second attempt for the pin and the win.

Winner: Dalton Castle defeats Eli Isom via pinfall.

Jake Atlas vs Taylor Rust

Taylor backs off when Jake tries to lock up before backing Jake into the corner when they do lock up for a clean break before the two exchange wrist locks and Taylor takes Jake down with a straight armbar into a chin bar. Jake gets to his feet before Taylor catches a kick and locks in an ankle lock before Jake rolls out of the ring and Taylor goes out after him before bringing him back inside and stomping his elbow. Taylor then stays focused on the arm of Jake before Jake jumps on his back and Taylor slings him off before Jake sweeps Taylor and hits an uppercut in the corner before booting Taylor and Taylor comes back with an Eat Defeat for the pin and the win.

Winner: Taylor Rust defeats Jake Atlas via pinfall.

John Walters, Lee Moriarty & LSG vs. VLNCE UNLTD (Chris Dickinson, Homicide & Tony Deppen)

Homicide and John start the match off before Chris and LSG come in and Chris locks in an ankle lock before LSG reverses into one of his own before Lee and Tony come in and Lee hits a bow and arrow airplane spin before getting two off of a back slide. Lee locks in an abdominal stretch before locking in one on Chris and one on Homicide before Chris and Tony double up on John before VU isolate John until he gets the tag to LSG who rocks Tony with a pump kick and a chop into a stunner for two. LSG gets caught with a knee by Tony when he goes for a springboard before Lee hits a springboard clothesline for two before John locks in a double Muta lock on Homicide and Chris before Tony hits a diving stomp to break the hold. LSG then takes out Tony before Lee and Chris exchange strikes until Homicide sends LSG out of the ring and hits a cannonball before Chris pins Lee with a DVD for the pin and the win.

Winner: VLNCE UNLTD defeat John Walters, Lee Moriarty and LSG via pinfall.

- After the match Jay Lethal comes out to the ring and commends the new stars before talking about the future of Ring of Honor before talking about how everyone in the locker room loves professional wrestling before finishing by saying that the PURE style is the same wrestling that all of them grew up on.

The OGK (Mike Bennett & Matt Taven) vs The Briscoes

Everyone brawl before Mark and Jay immediately go for the finish with a Jay Driller before Matt counters it and Jay counters a Climax before Matt and Mark kick things off and Jay and Mike come in. Jay immediately boots Mike before they exchange strikes until Jay drops Mike with a discus forearm before The Briscoes double up on Mike and Mark chops Mike in the corner before clotheslining him and choking him in the corner. The Briscoes chain together offense and frequent tags before Matt gets the hot tag and hits a missile dropkick into a side Russian leg sweep and a neckbreaker for two before The Briscoes send Mike off of the apron. Jay hits Matt with a DDT before Matt hits a moonsault onto Jay and Mike when they're exchanging at ringside before Mark takes out everyone with a diving elbow drop before The Briscoes double up on Matt for two before Jay hits a neckbreaker for two. Mike gets the blind tag and hits a DVD before Matt hits a PK and Mike locks in a shoulder lock before Mark breaks the hold and chops both members of OGK before he's superkicked and speared.

Jay counters a piledriver before tagging in Mark as Matt gets the tag on the opposite side and Mark takes out both members of OGK before hitting a blockbuster off of the apron. Mark then hits a Froggy-Bow for a near fall that Mike breaks up before Mark takes out Mike at ringside and Matt counters a Jay Driller into an inside cradle for the pin and the win.

Winner: The OGK defeat The Briscoes via pinfall.

ROH Pure Championship Match
Jonathan Gresham (c) vs Josh Woods

Josh and Jon grapple on the mat and Josh pins the shoulders of Jonathan to the mat repeatedly for several two counts before they tie up and back into the ropes for a neutral break, neither man losing a rope break. Josh backs Jon to the ropes for a break before exchanging standing switches until Josh backs Jon to the ropes for the break before the referee charges both competitors with a rope break. Josh takes Jon down before they exchange holds on the mat until Josh goes up top and Jon meets him before Josh slips out of the back and throws Jon before Jon counters a German and the two exchange straight armbars. They back to the ropes again and the referee announces a second rope break before they shove each other and Jon hits a dragon screw before they roll around on the mat until they pin each other at the same time. Jon then tells the referee to restart the match once he declares it a draw before the referee agrees and restarts the match. Once the match restarts with the timer continuing where it left off before they exchange slaps and Jon takes Josh down before they lock in a submission on each other and kick each other against the ropes before exchanging strikes with their legs grape-vined.

The referee charges Jon and Josh with their third and final rope break before they run the ropes and Jon gets two off of a sunset flip before picking the ankle of Josh and transitioning into a cradle before rolling Josh up for two. Josh counters and takes Jon's back before locking in a sleeper and Jon goes after his arm to get free before hitting a PK to the arm and an arm drag before Jon locks in a head scissors before they exchange pin attempts for two deep two counts. Josh kicks Jon in mid-air before Jon counters a German and hits a knee drop to the arm of Josh before getting a near fall off of a crucifix before locking in an ankle lock and Josh counters into an ankle lock of his own. Josh then gets a near fall off Chaos Theory before they exchange strikes until Jon gets a near fall off of a German and hits a sliding forearm to the back of the head for another near fall before locking in a double wrist lock and Josh counters into a German for the pin and the win.

Winner: Josh Woods defeats Jonathan Gresham via pinfall to become the new ROH Pure champion.

- After the match Jon puts the belt on Josh before they shake hands and Jon leaves.

ROH World Six-Man Championship Match
Shane Taylor Promotions (c) vs La Faccion Ingobernable

Kenny attacks Shane with a chair before the match starts before O'Shay Edwards steps in for Shane before the match starts off with O'Shay and Kenny before Kenny shoves O'Shay and immediately tags in Lee. Kaun comes in and exchanges strikes with Lee before they exchange running moves in opposite corners before Kaun gets out of the ring when Lee teases The Horns before Moses comes in and runs him over. Bestia and Moses go back and forth before Bestia drops Moses and hits a running clothesline in the corner before Moses hits a running clothesline in the corner and Bestia clotheslines him out of the corner. Kenny comes in with O'Shay and Kenny rocks O'Shay with strikes before O'Shay drops Kenny with a single strike and O'Shay hits a spine buster before Bestia spears O'Shay and SOS and LFI brawl until Moses gets distracted by Lee. Kenny drops Moses before LFI isolate Moses until he gets the hot tag to Kaun who powerbombs Lee for a deep two count before O'Shay hits a powerslam for a near fall that Kenny breaks up before clotheslining both Kenny and Bestia.

O'Shay hits a sit-out powerbomb before everyone hits a move until Lee gets a near fall on Kaun before S.O.S. hit their finisher and O'Shay hits a splash off of the second rope for a near fall before everyone hits a tope. Kenny superkicks Moses before Kenny hits a spine buster before hitting a springboard blockbuster and Shane comes back and hits Kenny with a chair before Moses covers Kenny for the pin and the win.

Winner: Shane Taylor Promotions retain their ROH Six-Man titles by defeating La Faccion Ingobernable via pinfall.

ROH Women's Championship Tournament Finals Match
Rok-C vs Miranda Alize

Miranda slaps Rok-C before they lock up and Miranda backs Rok-C to the ropes for a clean break before the two exchange standing switches and side headlocks before exchanging hammer locks and Rok-C takes Miranda down and locks in an ankle lock. Miranda counters into a side headlock before they exchange a flurry of wrist locks and holds on the mat until they get to their feet and run the ropes before Rok-C lands on her feet when Miranda goes for a head scissors. Rok-C and Miranda counter each other before Miranda slaps Rok-C and Rok-C hits a Thesz press before missing a move in the corner and getting caught in the ropes before Miranda slams her down head first for two. Miranda hits a running kick in the corner into a shotgun dropkick before hitting a butterfly suplex for two before Miranda bites the hand of Rok-C and chokes her in the ropes before locking in a rear chin lock and Rok-C fights to her feet. Rok-C sends Miranda over the top rope before Miranda snaps her neck across the top rope before stretching Rok-C and Rok-C comes back with bulldog and a running uppercut in the corner and a seated senton for a near fall.

Rok-C hits a side Russian leg sweep into a standing moonsault for two before Miranda catches a knee and rocks Rok-C with a knee for two before Miranda hits a GTS for a near fall before trapping Rok-C in the ropes and hitting a draping DDT out of the corner for a near fall. Miranda locks in a submission before Rok-C gets to the ropes for the break before Miranda sends Rok-C out of the ring and Rok-C hits a suicide dive before Miranda dropkicks her off of the apron and hits a suicide dive of her own. Back in the ring the two exchange strikes on their knees before Miranda hits a cutter and Rok-C hits a sliding knee before they exchange cross faces and Miranda rolls back for a near fall. Rok-C then counters a Drive-By into a Code Rok for the pin and the win.

Winner: Rok-C defeats Miranda Alize via pinfall to become the new Ring of Honor Women's champion.

ROH World Championship Fatal Four Way Elimination Match
Bandido (c) vs Demonic Flamita vs Brody King vs EC3

Everyone face off before Flamita shoves EC3 and Brody before he ducks out of the ring when they turn towards him and Flamita rips Bandido out of the ring and sends him into the barricade as Brody and EC3 exchange strikes and try to run each other over. EC3 hits a Thesz press before Brody tosses him across the ring and hits a running clothesline in the corner and EC3 dropkicks Brody before clotheslining him over the top rope and down onto the floor. Flamita and Bandido get into the ring and run the ropes and flip before Bandido hits a head scissors that sends Flamita out of the ring and hits a tope as Brody beats on EC3 at ringside. Bandido takes out Brody and EC3 before crashing over the barricade and into the crowd before EC3 sends Bandido into the post and drops Bandido once they're back in the ring before suplexing him and locking in a head lock before hitting a flat liner for a two count that Flamita breaks up. EC3 runs Flamita over with a clothesline before hitting an F5 into his knee before hitting Bandido with a high angle back body drop before powerbombing Brody and slamming Bandido onto Brody.

EC3 powerbombs Bandido onto Brody before Flamita brings a chair into the ring and EC3 hits Flamita for the disqualification and the elimination before Brody clotheslines both Flamita and Bandido. The former Mexiblood double up on Brody before they hit a doomsday driver and the rivalry ends once Bandido uses Flamita as a weapon and takes them out with a moonsault. Brody counters a muscle buster and hits Flamita with the All Seeing Eye for the pin and the elimination before Brody and Bandido exchange strikes until Bandido hits a corkscrew cross body for two. Brody hits a uranage into a piledriver for two before Bandido hits a snap hurricanrana for a near fall before hitting a crucifix bomb for a second consecutive near fall before a shooting star for a one count. Brody then turns Bandido inside out with a lariat before Bandido pins Brody with a magistral cradle for the win.

Winner: Bandido retains his ROH World title by defeating Brody King via pinfall.

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