Ring of Honor Wrestling Presents Best in the World 2021 Results RUSH vs Bandido

Good evening Fight Fans, and welcome to our coverage for Ring of Honor's Best in the World event!

Hour One

WWE Announces MVP Will Be Out Indefinitely With A Broken Rib

We open Hour One of the pay-per-view with a breakdown for the main card before we go to the ring for our opening match between Rey Horus and Demonic Flamita.

Rey Horus vs Demonic Flamita

Rey immediately hits a tope before chopping Flamita at ringside and whipping him into the corner before tossing him back into the ring and hitting an enzuigiri before Flamita dropkicks him out of the air and a snapmare into a basement dropkick for two before locking in a rear chin lock. Flamita puts Rey in the tree of woe before hitting a running dropkick and dropping Rey with a chop before choking Rey in the corner and Rey comes back with a hurricanrana that sends Flamita out of the ring before hitting a flipping senton to the outside. Rey hits a tornado DDT before the two exchange strikes until Flamita hits a slingshot DDT and a sit-out powerbomb for a deep two count before hitting a diving splash onto the knees of Rey before they exchange chops and forearms until Flamita drops Rey with superkicks. Rey then hits a tornado DDT for two before Flamita catches him up top and hits a muscle buster code breaker for a near fall before Rey pins Flamita out of nowhere with a sunset flip.

Winner: Rey Horus defeats Demonic Flamita via pinfall.

- We go to the ring as Matt Taven comes out for the contract signing for his match against bitter rival Vincent before Righteous come out to the ring and Vincent and Matt face off before Matt proposes a match against Vincent where he'll leave Ring of Honor regardless of the outcome. Vincent counters with putting Matt's title shot on the line where Vincent will get the shot if he beats Matt before they make the match official before Matt hits Vincent with the table and clears the ring before Vincent knocks him out with the table and the rest of Righteous beat Matt down. Righteous then throw Matt into a ladder and out of the ring before celebrating.

Danhausen & PCO vs The Bouncers

Dan is immediately double teamed by Brian and BCB before Brian digs in strikes in the corner before hitting a running splash in the corner into a clothesline before The Bouncers isolate Dan until he gets the hot tag to PCO who hits BCB with a flapjack and clotheslines Brian before hitting a low cross body in the corner before hitting a swanton onto the apron. PCO hits a tope before PCO and Dan hit BCB with a double clothesline and Dan angers PCO who chases him at ringside before hitting a cannonball to BCB against the barricade before BCB hits a springboard splash onto PCO at ringside. Dan hits a head scissors off of the apron that sends Brian into the post before hitting BCB with a running boot and a DVD before PCO hits a moonsault for the pin and the win.

Winner: PCO and Danhausen defeat The Bouncers via pinfall.

Main Show

PJ Black & Brian Johnson vs The Briscoes

The four men brawl before pairing off and brawling at ringside before Mark takes out PJ and Brian with a chair assisted tope before Jay tosses Brian inside and Mark chops him before The Briscoes double team Brian and chain together tags and offense until PJ gets the blind tag. PJ hits a springboard cross body and beats on Mark before kicking him and dropping him with a jumping spin kick before PJ and Brian isolate Mark until he gets the hot tag to Jay who exchanges with Brian until he hits a neckbreaker. Brian superkicks Mark and sends him out of the ring before Jay drops him and PJ saves Brian from a Doomsday Device before Brian hits a draping cutter and PJ a springboard 450 for two before Mark takes out both PJ and Brian at ringside before Jay tosses PJ back inside. Jay then hits a lariat into the Jay Driller for the pin and the win before Mark hits the Froggy-Bow for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Briscoes defeat PJ Black and Brian Johnson via pinfall.

Flip Gordon vs EC3

The two face off before shaking hands and Flip locks in a standing side headlock before EC3 drops him with a shoulder block and locks in a headlock before Flip gets free and backs EC3 into the corner for the break before EC3 drops Flip repeatedly and Flip chops EC3 in the corner before EC3 clotheslines him. EC3 tosses Flip across the ring and hits a running clothesline in the corner before setting Flip up and Flip slides out of the back before sending EC3 out of the ring before stomping him in the corner when he comes back inside before focusing on his leg and locking in a knee bar. EC3 kicks his way free before Flip hits a running knee and a standing moonsault for two before EC3 and Flip exchange strikes until EC3 hits a Thesz press and an F5 onto his knee before Flip snaps his neck in the ropes and sweeps EC3 before wrapping his leg around the post. Back inside Flip chop blocks EC3 before locking in a cross face and EC3 gets free before hitting a superplex and chop Flip out of the air before powerbombing him and Flip gets two off of a sunset flip before superkicking EC3 and EC3 hits a Tiger driver before he locks in a crossface for the tap and the win.

Winner: EC3 defeats Flip Gordon via submission.

- After the match EC3 repeatedly tries to shake hands with Flip who slaps him before spitting in his face and leaving.

ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championship Match
Shane Taylor Promotions (Shane Taylor & Soldiers of Savagery (Kaun & Moses)) (c) vs Dak Draper, Dalton Castle & Eli Isom

Dak and Kaun start the match off with Kaun hitting a moonsault and a senton before Eli and Moses come in and Moses runs Eli over before tossing him away and demanding Dalton come in before Moses backs Dalton into the corner for a clean break before Dalton backs him into the corner. Dalton sends Moses over the top rope and down onto the floor before Dalton plays to the crowd and Shane man handles him and Eli before Dak and company isolate Kaun before Moses comes in and hits a cannonball off of the apron before Dak hits a powerslam. Dak then goes to slam Shane who headbutts him before Shane hits a package piledriver to Dak before Eli hits Shane with an air raid crash and Kaun hits a superplex before everyone hits a move until Shane hits Dak with a knee and a sit-out piledriver for the pin and the win.

Winner: Shane Taylor Promotions defeat Eli Isom, Dak Draper, and Dalton Castle via pinfall to retain their titles.

Last Man Standing Match
Silas Young vs Josh Woods

Silas is in control early as he beats on Josh at ringside and mocks him before Josh sends Silas groin first into the post before grabbing a table and hits running moves in the corner back in the ring before Silas drives Josh through the table before they exchange strikes until Josh locks in a submission and Silas crawls out of the ring. Josh sets up a pair of tables at ringside before Silas low blows him and Josh powerbombs him onto a ladder before piling chairs in the ring and Silas hits a German and a variation of Misery onto the pile before Josh falls out of the ring and stands at nine. Josh then wins the match when he puts Silas through the pair of the tables and Silas is unable to answer the ten count.

Winner: Josh Woods defeats Silas Young when Silas can't answer the count.

Jay Lethal (w/ Tracy Williams) vs Brody King

Jay and Brody lock up before Brody shoves Jay away and Jay hits a Lethal Injection out of nowhere for a surprising one count before hitting four suicide dives and Brody throws him out of the ring before dropping Jay with clubbing blows once he's back inside for two. Brody sets Jay on the top turnbuckle before suplexing him and hitting a running cross body into the barricade that moves it before turning Jay inside out and hitting a pair of Gonzo Bombs for the pin and the win.

Winner: Brody King defeats Jay Lethal via pinfall.

ROH Pure Championship Match
Jonathan Gresham (c) vs Mike Bennett

Jon and Mike lock up before they exchange headlocks and wrist locks before Mike drops Jon with a shoulder block and Mike backs Jon to the ropes for his first rope break before Jon takes Mike down and focuses on joint manipulation before hitting several arm drags and stretching Mike out. Mike goes to slam Jon and is immediately taken down before John goes for a double wrist lock and Mike backs Jon into the ropes before they send each other out of opposite sides of the ring before Jon locks in a double wrist lock and forces Mike to tap at ringside. Back inside Jon keeps the hold applied before Mike gets to the ropes for the break before Mike locks in a London dungeon and forces Jon to get to the ropes and using his second of three rope breaks before Jon counters a piledriver. Mike hits a DVD for two before reapplying the London dungeon and Jon counters into a roll up for one before Mike turns Jon inside out with a lariat for a deep two count before Jon hits an asai into a bridging pin for a near fall before hitting a PK to the arm and locks in a submission before Mike gets to the ropes for his third and final rope break. The two exchange strikes before Jon hits an asai and a suicide dive before Mike superkicks him out of nowhere and hits a stacking powerbomb for a near fall before hitting a clothesline for a near fall before Jon gets a near fall off of a crucifix and locks in a cross face. Mike then hits a powerbomb into a clothesline and a piledriver for a near fall as Jon uses his third and final rope break before Jon hits a PK and locks in a unique submission for the tap and the win.

Winner: Jonathan Gresham retains his ROH Pure Title by defeating Mike Bennett via submission.

ROH World Television Championship
Tony Deppen (c) vs Dragon Lee

The two brawl as soon as the match starts after a shoving match before the bell before they hitting running moves in opposite corner and Tony sends Dragon out of the ring before hitting a suicide destroyer and tossing Dragon back inside before beating on him in the corner and Dragon hits a running dropkick in the corner. Lee traps Tony in the ropes and hits a diving stomp that sends Tony out of the ropes and down onto the apron and the floor before tossing Tony back inside and Tony gets two off of an inside cradle before Kenny distracts Tony and Dragon and Tony exchange Germans until Dragon hits a poison rana and Tony turns him inside out. The two exchange strikes until Dragon hits the Dragon Driver for a deep two count before turning Tony inside out with a clothesline for one before hitting Incineration for the pin and the win.

Winner: Dragon Lee defeats Tony Deppen via pinfall to become the new ROH World Television champion.

- After the match Homicide and Chris Dickinson come out to check on Tony before they're rushed by Jonathan and Rhett.

ROH World Tag Team Championship Fight Without Honor Match
Violence Unlimited (c) vs Jonathan Gresham & Rhett Titus

The four brawl at ringside and in the ring before Jon locks in an abdominal stretch before dropkicking Homicide through the ropes before Rhett hits a falcon arrow to Homicide through a table out ringside as Chris controls Jon back in the ring before hitting a DVD for a deep two count before Rhett hits Chris with a chair. Homicide hits Rhett wit ha diving code breaker before everyone hits a move until Chris suplexes Rhett before Rhett dropkicks a chair into Chris' face before slamming Homicide for two before Jon locks in an octopus stretch on Homicide before Chris slams Rhett into Jon to break up the hold. Chris and Homicide double up on Jon before Rhett saves Jon and Chris hits an avalanche Razor's Edge through a table before Homicide pins Jon for the win.

Winner: Violence Unlimited retain their ROH World Tag Team titles by defeating Jonathan Gresham and Rhett Titus via pinfall.

- We get the unveiling of the ROH Women's Championship title ahead of the tournament that begins next week before the latest signing Chelsea Green comes out.

ROH World Championship Match
RUSH (c) vs Bandido

RUSH immediately hits a running dropkick and The Bulls Horns before pushing Bandido out of the ring and into the barricade before playing to the crowd and whipping and choking Bandido with a cable before tossing him back inside and kneeing him in the chest before stomping him in the corner and posing. Bandido goes out of the ring before hitting Bandido with a chair and Bandido hits a suicide dive before hitting a corkscrew senton and tossing RUSH back inside before hitting a shooting star press for a deep two count. Bandido gets a near fall before RUSH suplexes him into the corner before hitting a dropkick with Bandido in the air before hitting a flipping senton and grabbing a table before setting it and the announce table side by side before RUSH slams Bandido through the table. Back in the ring the two exchange Germans and strikes until collapsing before RUSH suplexes Bandido and Bandido hits a bridging German for a near fall before RUSH suplexes him into the corner and rips off Bandido's mask before Bandido pins RUSH with a clutch out of nowhere.

Winner: Bandido defeats RUSH via pinfall to become the new ROH World champion.

- After the match LFI come out and attack Bandido before RUSH lays him out with his newly won title before leaving as we go off the air.

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