Road Dogg Discusses The Differences Between The Attitude Era And Today

"Road Dogg" Brian James joined X-Pac on a recent edition of the X-Pac 1,2,360 podcast where he discussed the differences between today and the Attitude Era. Fightful was sent the following highlights. 

You can listen to the entire podcast in the video above.

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Brian “Road Dogg” James On The Difference Between The Roster in The Attitude Era and Today

I actually think they are much more talented especially as far as the work rate and the athleticism and just how fast they go, how long they can go...If you go back and watch the Attitude Era to be quite honest with you it was a freaking mess. I can’t even go back, like I’ll watch our matches every now and then, I will, but there would be a match going on and all of a sudden two other guys would fight out on the stage and they would go down and fight the guy on commentary it was just like, ‘what is going on here?’ It was very hard to delineate the storylines or the story progression so I think it was kind of a mess. But for the time it was really cool, and it was a must see, I just think there were some good characters back in the day. Today, I think the industry, that evolution that you talked about is kinda going more towards a-there’s still characters but it’s more of a sporting direction and a kind of a competitive direction and there’s no way in hell the New Age Outlaws were gonna be in that conversation. 

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