Road Dogg Heavily Suggests He And X-Pac Were Getting High Before DX Invasion

Road Dogg says he and X-Pac did not help with planning of the DX Invasion. 

In an interview with Renee Young, Road Dogg reminisced about Degeneration X's invasion on WCW's Monday Night Nitro in 1998. During the interview, Road Dogg admitted he did not remember much of those years and hinted it was because of his cannabis smoking habit. He said he and X-Pac were busy during the planning stages of Degeneration X's invasion. 

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"Interesting story, I don't remember a lot of things from what you kids call 'the nineties.' I didn't really know what was going on until we saw the army gear and the jeep that was dressed up as a tank. I was kind of like 'what are we doing again?', that was kind of par for the course for Cheech and Chong, me and X-Pac were elsewhere doing other things and they were putting together all these genius ideas," said Road Dogg.

Degeneration X drove from a taping of Raw to Hampton, Virginia to stage the invasion. Road Dogg said he finally figured out what was going on while driving to the arena. 

"I guess it was a thirty-minute drive. Cheech and Chong were at it again. We had a great day, I just don't remember a lot of it. They didn't leave the planning to us, they left the performance to us," said Road Dogg.

Young asked Road Dogg why he believes a DX Invasion type storyline could not be done today. Road Dogg claimed he and the rest of Degeneration X were given freedom because they had been proven trustworthy by the creative team. He also mentioned that in 1998 WWE was not a publicly traded company and did not have "corporate social responsibilities."

In late September, New Japan Pro Wrestling's Bullet Club staged an invasion on Raw which featured references to Degeneration X's 1998 invasion. Members of Degeneration X have spoken well of Bullet Club's invasion 

The rest of the interview is uploaded to WWE's YouTube channel. 

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