Road Warrior Animal: "When Becky Lynch Achieves What I Achieved In Pro Wrestling, Then She Can Call Me Out"

Road Warrior Animal responds to Becky Lynch.

It was on the 2018 post-WWE TLC PPV edition of WWE Hall Of Famer Road Warrior Animal's 'What A Rush' podcast that he made some comments about former SmackDown Live Women's Champion Becky Lynch that drew the attention of "The Man" and not in a positive way. Animal stated that Becky needed to "back off The Man" thing which led to Becky responding with the following:

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On the most recent edition of the 'What A Rush' podcast, Animal and his co-host Joe Roderick talked about Becky's response and Animal gave a lengthy response when asked for his thoughts. He stated that he gave Becky plenty of good complements but those were ignored due to the personal opinions that he had of her character and added that when Becky achieves what he's achieved in wrestling, then she can come at him.

“Well first of all, Becky Lynch needs to get over herself first and foremost and when Becky can achieve what I achieved in the sport of pro wrestling, then she can call me out." Animal said. "But other than that she has not earned her stripes to call me out, and I just what to make that perfectly clear and I don’t think anybody in the wrestling world would have any objection to that. Second of all Joe [podcast host], you remember that article? It's funny how people take little tidbits of stuff and they run with it. You also heard me say, in our interview, that I thought she was the hottest female going today, in the sport of wrestling. Did I not say that? [Joe agreed] Did I not say the women are stealing the show in that company? [Joe agreed] Okay, so Becky, where’s the complement on saying you’re the hottest female? Where’s the complement on saying the women stole the show at WrestleMania, at TLC, and so on? No, but they wanna take a little baby… see this is why I don’t even know if it’s Becky Lynch making the comment [and] that’s not someone in the WWE office." He added, "Because Becky Lynch is gonna try… to even have a comeback, against a multi-time Hall Of Famer and what I’ve done in this wrestling business -- she’s won one belt in her life and that’s the WWE belt and Hawk and I won 22 different championships in 22 different countries. Come on, and I wrestled people all over this world. Not just in WWE, and I’m not putting down Becky but when you get the kind of stroke that I’ve had in this business and when you lay the kind of foundation that I have for her to even have a job today, then you can call someone out, and I’m not trying to be derogatory right now, but I’m just being blunt honest, she needs to get over herself and realize this is the entertainment business. People are going to have an opinion. Good, bad, indifferent, medium, down the line, whatever, and I gave her more complements than I did negative, so if she just wants to pull out the little negative thing, well then pull on it and hang on to the little negative thing and just let the positive things go by the wayside, and that’s exactly how I feel about it."


"The Man" Becky Lynch will be in action this upcoming Tuesday on SmackDown Live as she looks to get back to the top of the women's division when she steps into the ring with Carmella and Charlotte Flair in a Triple-Threat match and the winner is going to the Royal Rumble pay-per-view on January 27th to face Asuka for the SmackDown Women's Championship.

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