Rob Van Dam Discusses Wrestlers Taking Chairshots To The Head

Rob Van Dam was a guest on a recent episode of X-Pac's podcast. In the interview, RVD discussed wrestlers taking chairshots to the head. Fightful was sent the following highlights.

You can listen to the entire podcast in the video above.

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Rob Van Dam Shares His Thoughts On Wrestlers Taking Chair Shots/Bumps to the Head 

So I have mixed feelings about that, cause one, it’s an art form. And for me I’ve always appreciated being able to express myself as an artist. I feel that they should know-young guys getting in the business, if they know that hitting their heads is dangerous and could lead to stuff and they choose to do it anyway I wouldn’t necessarily agree with their choices but at the same time I don’t think that I would necessarily hate them for it or try to ban them if they want to take shots to the head. It seems unnecessary now but I mean I don’t wanna stop...I mean I don’t even want to wrestle {laughs} But when I do, I better give it all I’ve got you know, because that’s the worker that I am. The moves that I am gonna do are still gonna be dangerous, they are still gonna be moves that people in the crowd wouldn’t be able to survive, otherwise what’s the point? But I do believe it’s smart to learn to protect the health and I don’t know exactly where the lines are drawn on responsibility. 

Rob Van Dam On Taking Bumps, The Difference Between A Wrestler and a Normal Person

It’s gonna happen sometime when you take a bump, I think the thing is to be educated, and be aware of it. Honestly, I am not for nurturing the world up, and making it super soft and taking it away from what it is, I think pro wrestlers should be the toughest guys in society that are out there taking that abuse. Normal people; you bump into somebody’s bumper in the parking lot, they get whiplash, they’re out of work for 6 weeks, they got a neck brace. How many car crashes do we go through in one night? You know what I mean? I don't think pro wrestlers should be treated like normal people because we’re not and that’s the whole draw of watching wrestling. We’re a bunch of freaks that are in there.Some guys are 300 pounds of muscle, other guys are doing 4 flips, whatever, but that's the entertainment part of it. They’re not just normal people, although they look more and more normal as the smaller guys are overpopulating the business {laughs}.



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