The Rock Photobombed His Biggest Fan While Wearing A Mascot Costume Of Himself

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File this one under "the good stories that come out of wrestling."

Last week, Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock was on Jimmy Fallon to promote "8 Fast 8 Furious" or whatever the hell the real title is, and as is the case with Fallon, it was mostly about making the celebrity guest do skits. Thankfully, The Rock was totally game, and the skits didn't suck.

The first one was a fan favorite gameshow spoof, Phone Booth, where Jimmy and his guest take turns answering questions. If they get one wrong, or if their opponent gets one right, another celebrity guest is brought in from offstage and has to squeeze into their phone booth.

This was only notable because The Big Show ended up having to squeeze into Jimmy's booth.

Also, The Blue Man Group.

Meanwhile The Rock was in his booth with a child genius, who was half the size of Rock's leg, and who correctly answered all the questions for him. That was the gag. Not exactly groundbreaking.

But the second skit was pretty awesome.

Fallon and Rock wore mascot-style costumes of themselves and ran around Universal Studios giving high fives and hugs, and posing for selfies. Then they went inside and started photobombing tourists. It was pretty standard-fare Fallon stuff, amusing but totally harmless.

And then The Rock photobombed this guy:

And in case you couldn't tell by his Brahma Bull t-shirt, this guy is a HUGE Rock fan.

In fact, this guy might be the Rock's biggest fan in the world.

Check out his reaction when Rock takes off the fake headpiece:


That big tattooed guy crying because he got to meet his wrestling hero out of the blue, it's enough to make me all misty, too.

I mean, this guy even has a tattoo of The Rock on his shin:

ON HIS SHIN. That sucker had to hurt. Now THAT is dedication to your fandom.

This is one of those very cool heartwarming stories that come out of the world of wrestling. With everything swirling around, the allegations of a culture of bullying, it can be nice to know that a guy can grow up idolizing his favorite wrestler and one day that wrestler will show up behind him at a theme park wearing a big foam costume of himself and all will be right with the world.


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