ROH Supercard of Honor XII Live Coverage & Discussion: World Title At Stake

Welcome to the live coverage of ROH Supercard of Honor XII, from the Lakefront Center in New Orleans, LA! A sellout crowd is expected for this event, which would make it the biggest crowd ever to watch an ROH event in the 16-plus year history of the promotion. The main card all starts at 8:30 P.M. EST and is available through Ring of Honor's new Honor Club streaming service. However, at 7:30 P.M., ROH will air the two semifinal matches in its Women of Honor Title tournament on Facebook Live.

WOH Title Tournament, Semifinal: Kelly Klein def. Mayu Iwatami

Ember Moon vs. Sarray, Ilja Dragunov, And Raquel Gonzalez Set For 8/10 NXT

WOH Title Tournament, Semifinal: Sumie Sakai def. Tenille Dashwood

Chuckie T def. Jonathan Gresham

Punishment Martinez def. Tomohiro Ishii

Kota Ibushi def. Adam Page

WOH Title Tournament, Finals: Sumie Sakai def. Kelly Klein to become the first Women of Honor Champion

SoCal Uncensored def. Young Bucks & Flip Gordon in a Ladder Match to retain the ROH Six Man Tag Titles

Beer City Bruiser & Brian Milonas def. Motor City Machine Guns and Luke Hawx & PJ Hawx in a Triple Threat Tag

Briscoe Brothers def. Jay Lethal & Hiroshi Tanahashi to retain the ROH World Tag Titles

Silas Young def. Kenny King in a Last Man Standing Match to win the ROH TV Title

Cody def. Kenny Omega

Dalton Castle def. Marty Scurll to retain the ROH World Title

Check back here at 7:30 P.M. for the start of all the action. According to ROH's Facebook page, the WOH semifinal between Iwatami and Klein will kick off the card.

We kick off things with a solid video package recapping the Women of Honor Title Tournament, to date, taking a look at each of the two semifinal matches.

WOH Title Tournament, Semifinal: Mayu Iwatami vs. Kelly Klein

The winner advances to wrestle in the tournament final, which will crown the first-ever Women of Honor champion, later in the evening.

Ian Riccaboni doing a nice job breaking down the past accomplishments of Iwatami, as well as noting Klein's STARDOM experience. 

Initial lock-up and Klein flings Mayu off with ease. Mayu shoves Klein off on the next lock-up, side headlock by Mayu and they go to the mat for a solid grappling exchange before rolling into the ropes for a break. Mayu with a go-behind, blocks an Irish whip, breaks Klein's grip and hits a spinning back kick to the bread basket of Klein. Leg sweep by Mayu, and a nasty kick to the chest, followed by a single-leg basement dropkick to the back of the head. Klein out to the apron, forearms Mayu, Mayu answers with a forearm of her own. Klein dodges a shoulder from Mayu and catches her with a knee to the jaw. Mayu rolls back into the ring as Klein takes command, delivering a series of strikes in the corner, followed by a running big boot off the ropes. First pin attempt of the match, and the night, by Klein gets a 2 count. Klein stalking Mayu, shoving and kicking at her as she struggles to stand. Mayu starts fighting back from underneath with forearms, then two double-handed reverse chops followed by three palm strikes to the chest and another two-handed chop. Kelly cuts her off with a knee to the gut, then a cravate. Snap mare by Klein, goes for a kick, Mayu ducks it and schoolboys Klein for a two count. Both wrestlers back up and Klein uncorks with a clothesline. Mayu takes a scary bump on her head. Klein covers, and only gets two. Klein goes for a sleeper, Mayu backs her into the corner. Now Klein going for a sleeper hold while seated on the top turnbuckle, Todd Sinclair forces her to break. Fighting spirit from Mayu, who hits a palm strike then scales the corner ropes. Both wrestlers fighting for position, Klein knocks Mayu off to the mat but she lands on her feet. A jump kick and a palm strike by Mayu, who heads back up... top rope Frankensteiner! Mayu back to the second rope, launches with a missile dropkick. She positions Klein and immediately goes to the top again in the adjacent corner. Klein evades the double stomp... but not the superkick! Mayu goes up again... double stomp off the top! Rather than go for the pin, she's headed up one more time. Frog splash hits! 1... 2... Klein gets a shoulder up at two and a half! Crowd sounds hot and engaged already. Back to center ring, Klein blocks a rana, goes for a powerbomb, Mayu counters with a headscissor into the O'Connor roll and Klein barely kicks out. Klein recovers with a front facelock DDT, hoists Mayu in a fireman's carry, slams her hard to the mat and another near fall. Mayu fights out of attempted fallaway slam and hits a Northern Lights suplex. Klein kicks out at 2. Mayu attempting a full nelson, Klein fights out of it with a snap suplex, immediately floats over into the guillotine choke. Riccaboni puts over this is the longest anyone has lasted in Mayu's guillotine right before Sinclair calls the match because she's choked out.

WIN: Kelly Klein by submission

WOH Title Tournament, Semifinal: Tenille Dashwood vs. Sumie Sakai

Riccaboni points out that Sumie was part of the very first women's match in ROH history (way back at Road To The Title in 2002, if you were wondering, and no I didn't have to look it up, and yes there's probably some important piece of real-life knowledge that was shoved out of my brain to make room for that). 

Sakai charges right at Dashwood, who ducks her lariat and hits a modified STO for a quick two count. Sakai back up with a twisting Fisherman's neckbreaker, and that gets a two count. Both women trading forearms. Dashwood gets the better of the exchange, charges off the ropes but Sakai charges at her and cuts her off. Dashwood does the same. Now Dashwood ramming Sakai's head into the top turnbuckle repeatedly, and transitions into a tarantula. Dashwood dodges a shoulder block through the ropes by Sakai, kick, and modified neckbreaker dropping her against the middle rope. As Sumie goes to the floor, Dashwood to the top and LAUNCHES with a cross body to the floor! Back in the ring and a pin attempt only gets 2 for Dashwood. Dashwood going to work on the left leg, tying up a deathlock. Back to their feet, and Sumie unloading with Mongolian chops. Dashwood cuts her off when she tries to go for the ropes, Sakai with a judo throw transitioning into a slick MMA armbar. Dashwood trying to block it, as Sumie attempts to break her grip. Sakai sinks the armbar but Dashwood rolls her back onto her shoulders for a two count. Sakai transitions into a crossfacew. Dashwoopd getting tortured in the hold but doesn't give up. Sakai lets go and goes to what Bobby Heenan would call some classic Greco-roman stomping. Dashwood moves out of the way of a corner attack, scoots out to the apron, hits a sunset flip for two. Drop toeholds a charging Sakai into the middle turnbuckle headfirst, then hits a running splash to a seated Sumie in the corner. Tenille covers for a two count. Dashwood sits Sumie on the top turnbuckle, headbutt by Sumie and a kick to create space, followed by a missile dropkick. Sakai covers for the two count. Colt gets on Sumie for taking her time to make the pin attempt. German suplex by Sakai for another two count. Sumie goes for a rana, Tenille counters with a nice-looking sitout powerbomb... only a two count. The action continues as Sakai hits her Smash Mouth rolling cutter finisher... and only gets a two count. Sumie goes up, possibly for a moonsault. Tenille cuts her off and hits a release German suplex. It only gets a two count. Dashwood measures Sakai for her Spotlight Kick... Sakai evades it, hooks Dashwood and slides her into the crucifix pin for the 1, 2, 3!

WIN: Sumie Sakai 

It'll be Sumie Sakai against Kelly Klein to crown the first WOH Champion. Both uphold the Code of Honor after the match.

Ian Riccaboni calls out Kelly Klein for a photo op with Sumie Sakai and the WOH Title belt before the tournament finals later tonight. After the two shake hands, Klein sneak attacks Sumie by blasting her with a forearm to the surprise of no one who ever has seen wrestling.

We open the live card with a slick little video package on the ROH Experience. 

After a series of quick videos previewing the matches on the card, we get a quick pre-taped promo from Cody Rhodes.

Jonathan Gresham vs. Chuckie T

Chuckie's Best Friends partner, the currently injured Beretta, accompanying his mate to the ring.

I experienced some severe streaming issues for this match, but we pick up about 10 minutes in with Gresham and Taylor forearming one another in the middle of the ring. Gresham delivers a jumping knee on what the announcers kindly inform me ius an already worked-over knee. Taylor hits Soul Food. Gresham answers with a sweet spinning DDT, but when he goes to follow up, Taylor pulls him into an inside cradle for the pin. 

WIN: Chuckie T

Tomohiro Ishii vs. Punishment Martinez

In between matches, Ian and Colt are breaking down the upcoming match when they're interrupted by a man wearing facepaint, what looks to be La Parka's gear from 1998, and speaking gibberish. OK, then. 

We start out and Ishii firing away with forearms on Martinez. The big man doesn't budge. Lather, rinse, repeat. Now Ishii coming off the ropes with shoulder blocks, Martinez doesn't budge, and then flattens Ishii. Ishii Irish whipped into the corner, two leaping corner attacks by the big man, followed by a corner clothesline. Measured punch to the head, followed by a vertical suplex. Pin attempt but Ishii kicks out at 2. Now Ishii reverses Martinez's Irish whip, eats a boot when he tries to charge the corner, fighting spirits it, eats another boot, more fighting spirit and wallops Martinez with a clothesline. Martinez blocks a suplex and tries to reverse, Ishii drops down behind, chops Martinez to the throat and then hits the suplex. Crowd liked that exchange. Ishii covers at center ring, Martinez kicks out at 2. Ishii into the ropes, Martnez cuts him off with a big boot, Ishii fighting spirits it, but an enzyguri drops Ishii who powders to the floor. MARTINEZ DOES A CRAZY DIVE, CLEARING THE CORNER AND FLATTENING ISHII! Martinez lands right on his head. Now Martinez back into the ring and does a springboard dive to level Ishii again. Spinning heel kick off the top rope by Martinez, but when he goes for the cover, Ishii kicks out at 2. Martinez drilling Ishii with forearms, irish whip, but this time Ishii dodges the corner attack. Clotheslines and forearms in the corner by Ishii. Martinez sets Ishii on the top turnbuckle, ear clap, now Martinez scales to the top rope for a SUPER RANA WHAT IN THE WORLD?!? Now both men trading bombs at center ring, Ishii breaks up the strikes and plants Martinez with a German suplex. Now Ishii sets Martinez on the top turnbuckle. STALLING SUPERPLEX BY ISHII! Martinez blocks the sliding clothesline by Ishii by grabbing him by the throat. Ishii blocks the sitout chokeslam and flattens him with a lariat for a good near-fall. Martinez with a stiff clothesline of his own for a less convincing near-fall. Now Martinez grabs Ishii by the throat, headbutts break it. Martinez with a ripcord kick, followed by the South of Heaven chokeslam. Martinez beats Ishii clean.

WIN: Punishment Martinez

Kota Ibushi vs. Adam Page 

This match dovetails with the ongojng Omega-Cody feud, as Page has been the Bullet Club member most closely allied with Cody since the faction started to have dissension in January, while Ibushi is teaming with Omega in the recently reunited "Golden Lovers" team. Big pop for the Bullet Club music and Page, but a bigger one for Ibushi. 

No Code of Honor for Page, as both men slow to engage. Crowd sounds hot and appears to be well-miced. Tie-up into the ropes, Page goes for the apparent clean break and gives Ibushi a shove. Kick by Page opens the door for a side headlock. Ibushi shoves him off, Page with the shoulder tackle but Ibushi immediately kips up. Another side headlock by Page, another shoulder tackle. Nice series of counters ends with Page missing a standing shooting star press, then eating a kick to the chest. Page feeds into the corner, where Ibushi works him over with strikes. Page begging off, and another kick to the chest by Ibushi dumps him out to the floor. Ibushi goes for a shoulder block when Page gets back to the apron, Page ducks it, kicks Ibushi and drops him with a modified neckbreaker across the middle rope. Exact same spot Dashwood and Sakai used earlier, and mighty similar to what Iwatami and Klein did in the opener. Pace slows down now. Page slingshots Ibushi neck-first against the bottom rope. Ibushi firing back up with forearms, Page shoots him off and delivers a standing flapjack. Immediately goes to a pump handle, and delivers a stalling pump handle fallaway slam. Bridges for the 2 count. Wide shot gets a good look at the large, active, and vocal crowd. Ibushi tries to fire up again, Page cuts him off with a knee but when he runs off the ropes Ibushi uncorks with a beautiful standing dropkick. Ibushi with his trademark flurry of strikes, measured kick to the head and a standing moonsault that gets a 2 count. Ibushi reverses a corner Irish whip, catches Page with a rana, who bails out to the floor. Crowd amping up to see Ibushi fly with the Golden Triangle... Page cuts off the and flings Ibushi to the apron. Page goes for the shooting star press off the apron, Ibushi ducks it and Page lands on his feet, runs Ibushi back into the barricade. Page stands up on the barricade, but before he can do anything, Ibushi jumps up with him and hits a release German suplex. Page lands right on his neck and head. Ibushi goes for the Golden Triangle again, this time off the top rope, and he hits it beautifully. Back in the ring and Ibushi covers for a 2 and a half. Another exchange of reversals ends with Page hooking Ibushi and delivering a cradle tombstone for a very convincing false finish. Page going for Rite of Passage but Ibushi grabs the top rope to prevent it. Page chucked out to the apron, Ibushi clocks him with a backflip kick. Now both wrestlers are out on the apron. Ibushi teasing a piledriver, which leads to a state Commission comment from Riccaboni, but Page counters with a backdrop on the apron. Page scales to the top and with a moonsault out to Ibushi on the floor. Immediately shoves Ibushi back into the ring, hits the Buckshot Lariat from the apron, and covers for a 2 count. Ibushi and Page go to the sunset flip / rolling 2 counts spot, and Ibushi out of it into a deadlift German suplex for a very close near fall. Both men down as referee Paul Turner starts a standing 10 count. "Fight Forever" chant from the crowd. Now both men to their knees and trading forearms, to their feet and the exchange of strikes continues. Traditional exchanghe of forearms turns into Japanese style slaps. Ibushi gets the better of the slaps but when he comes off the ropes, Page clocks him with a forearm. When he goes to follow, Ibushi unloads with a spin kick to the side of the head. Ibushi with the Golden Star sit out powerbomb... Page kicks out at 2! Page avoids the Kamigoye, and takes a straitjacket German for another near fall. Ibushi keeps his grip, pulls Page around and into the Kamigoye for the three count. 

WIN: Kota Ibushi

WOH Title Tournament, Finals: Sumie Sakai vs. Kelly Klein

We start with a look at the way the two semifinals ended, and a recap of Klein's cheap shot during the photo op. Bobby Cruise introduces Daffney, who is sitting ringside to watch this one.

We've got Klein, the undefeated heel, going against Sakai, the underdog face who was part of the first ROH womens match ever. Sakai attacks Klein as soon as she gets into the ring with a barrage of strikes but the flurry gets cut off by a release suplex from Klein, who puts in her mouth guard and proceeds to go to work. Klein delivers a couple of short Irish whips into the corner, but Sakai reverses the third and sends Klein facefirst into the middle turnbuckle. Klein kicks out of a victory roll at 1, then delivers a stun gun, as Sakai powders out to the floor. Klein sends Sakai into the ringside barrier. Snap suplex on the outside by Klein out on the floor, then she floats over into the guillotine choke. Sakai rolled back into the ring, and kicks out at 2. Klein drapes Sakai stomach-down across the top turnbuckle, walks up the ropes, trying to grab Sakai for a possible fallaway slam off the top. Sakai out of it, schoolboys Klein off the corner ropes and basically powerbombs her to the mat. Klein blocks a running cross body and turns it into a fallaway slam. Fisherman neckbreaker by Sakai, who's working the crowd. Sakai going for a wheebarrow or victory roll, but Klein blocks it and hits a German suplex. Both ladies are down as several of the other Women of Honor come out to around the ring, cheering on Sakai as the two women start exchanging strikes from their knees. Sakai gets the better of it but Klein cuts her off with a push kick to the chest. Pin attempt gets two. WOH competitors now surrounding the ring, pounding the apron and rooting for Sakai. Northern lights suplex with a tremendous bridge by Klein, but she loses the bridge as Colt shrewdly notes on commentary and Sakai escapes at 2 and a half. All the ladies surrounding the ring have been joined by Daffney. Fisherman's brainbuster by Sakai! Sakai positioning Klein and posturing to the crowd as she scales for the moonsault. Barely hits Klein. Sakai with a running kick to a kneeling Klein. DDT by Sakai. And... that's it. Hmm. That was anti-climactic.

WIN: Sumie Sakai to become the first WOH Champion

In the middle of Sakai's celebration, they cut to a graphic for the six man tag, then back to the ring, where Daffney, friend of Fightful Deonna Purrazzo, and other WOH competitors come in to celebrate with the new champion.

ROH Six Man Tag Titles, Ladder Match: SoCal Uncensored (C) vs. Young Bucks & Flip Gordon

First match of the night that gets a hype video chronicling the build. 

Shane Taylor has joined Ian and Colt on commentary for this one. Huge face reaction for the Bucks, complete with a giant shower of streamers 

Stream crapped out at the start of the match and we pick up with Scorpio Sky bringing a ladder into the ring and everyone else is down. Flip cuts him off. Now the Addiction have Flip isolated, Flip ducks and Daniels clotheslines Kaz out of the ring. Daniels bacdrops Flip, who lands on Kazarian. More crazy moves than I can count. Matt Jackson spears Scorp out on the floor and now Daniels is in the ring climbing the ladder. Matt up the other side to cut him off. Daniels knocks him off, Matt flips Nick up onto the ladder, he knocks off Danioels. Now Scorpio climbs the ladder and a kick sends Nick sailing. Flip pulls Scorpio Sky off the ladder. Kazarian pulls Flip down when he starts to climb. Flip Irish whips Kaz, who rebounds off and starts immediately climbing the ladder. Flip misses grabbing his trunks on the first attempt so Kazarian has to wait so Flip can pull him off. Daniels throws Matt Jackson off the ladder in a modified Hot Shot. Flip springboards to the ladder and knocks off Daniels. Kazarian springboards on the other side of the ladder. Now Kazarian with a fireman;s carry, spinning cutter OFF THE LADDER! Ladder bridged on the bottom rope in one corner. Bucks and Flip triple suplex both Addiction. Kazarian gets drop toeholded into the bridged ladder. Kick by Nick sends Daniels landing on the ladder. Bucks fling Flip into the air, he does a 450 splash onto Daniels, on the ladder! The cameras aren;t able to keep up with all the crazy action. Kazarian puts his head in the ladder and goes for the Terry Funk spot. He takes out both Bucks but Flip evades several times, by, well, flipping, kicks Kazarian to his knees. Triple superkick to Kazarian. Ladder propped against the middle rope now, and the Bucks have Scorpio on it. Nick to the top rope, swanton across Scorp and the ladder. Now the challengers have the ladder set, Flip holding the ladder for Matt, Kazarian throws a ladder AT Matt to cut him off and the champs clear the ring. Combo of moves on Flip in the corner by SCU end with a kip-up rana by Scorpio. SCU have Flip trapped under the ladder as Daniels climbs but the Bucks in to break it off. Daniels and Scorpio Irish whip Matt into a ladder propped in the far corner, advancing the Matt Jackson back injury story. Release back suplex by Kazarian drops Nick gutfirst across a ladder in the middle of the ring. Flip cuts off Daniels with a springboard Blockbuster. Double irish whip by kazarian and Sky, Flip blocks it, clocks Sky with a kick, monkey flips Kazarian into the ladder, then does a flip dive out to the floor on Daniels. Double team move in the ring by the Bucks on Scorpio, followed by an assisted Sliced Bread. Matt jackson selling the back as the Bucks work over the champions. Kazarian bringing a ladder back into the ring and Nick double stomps it, smashing Kazarians fingers. The Bucks with a double hip toss on Scorpio on the ladder, then double basement dropkicks. Wheelbarrow cutter by the Bucks onto Daniels across a ladder. Nick Jackson climbing the ladder, Scorpio cuts him off. Matt dumps Sky through the ropes to the floor and now climbing up but Scorpio right back in and cuts him off. Matt takes down Sky into the Sharpshooter, and grabs the ropes for extra leverage since there's no rope breaks. Nick slides in and completes the Cease and Desist, and Sky is hooked up through the ladder. Flip scales the ladder for a nice false finish but Daniels comes in laying waste with a ladder to all three challengers. Daniels climbs, Nick pulls him down and hits a superkick. Nick climbs, Kazarian throws a ladder and knocks Nick off. There are three ladders in the ring. Flip stops Kazarian from climbing, Kaz dumps him out. Daniels holding Flip, Kazarian vaults out, but Flip moves and Kazarian moonsaults Daniels by mistake. Flip to the near corner and does a twisting dive to the floor, barely making contact with all three of SCU. Nick Jackson hopscotches across all three ladders in the ring and takes out all three members of SCU with a senton dive. Both Bucks climbing the ladder when The Kingdom, who had been banned from Supercard of Honor, storm the ring and wipe out the Bucks. Flip gets overwhelmed when he comes in. Rockstar Supernova triple team by the Kingdom lays out Flip. SoCal Uncensored come in and all seems well but the Kingdom jumps the champions when Daniels is about to grab the titles. Taven with a crazy no-hands dive over the top rope wipes out Daniels on the floor while he;s beind held by Vinny. TK O'Ryan scaling up he ladder now, and when he's up there, the Bucks, Kazarian and Scorpio Sky all come in. They pick up the ladder and dump TK out onto his two partners. The Bucks, Kazarian and Scorpio Sky all battling in the ring. Bucks with superkicks, but Kazarian and Sky answer with stereo cutters. Now there are four ladders in the ring. All six men into the ring and climbing uop the ladders, while fighting one another. Gordon with Kinder surprise on Scorpio. Kazarian takes Flip's legs out from under him and he goes headfirst into the ladder and drops. Kazarian and Matt battling for the titles, but Matt can't fully reach because of his back. Kazarian with an eye poke, but Matt with a back kick to the gut cuts him off. The Bucks drop both members of The Addiction off the ladders to the mat. Flip is somehow miraculously back up, and he's bringing a giant ladder into the ring. Flip starts climbing the big ladder, Kazarian goes to fight him off. Kazarian springs off the middle rope and catches Flip for a codebreaker off the ladder. Kazarian turns into a double superkick. Kazarian ducks a springboard dive by Nick, whot akes out the Kingdom, who still inexplicably are at ringside. Matt wipes out Kazarian. Scorpio gives Matt a cutter on the apron. Flip hits both members of The Addiction with a double blockbuster out onto the floor and they land on The Kingdom. Nick Jackson and Flip setting up a table. Another table already has been set up. The Bucks put Vinny and Scorpio through the tables on stereo 450 splashes. Daniels teases a crazy dive to the floor but doesn't. Instead, he's in the ring all by himself and climbing for the belts. Matt Jackson up the other side of the big ladder to stop him. Matt takes the weight belt off and whipping Daniels with it. Daniels hooks him, trying for a superplex, Matt blocks with a knee. Matt bounces Daniels' head off the ladder, Daniels drops, Matt going for the belts, Daniels somehow back up, shoves the ladder over, Matt flying off the top of that ladder and turns it into an elbow drop that puts TK through the table. Now Daniels back up the ladder all by himself in the ring and pulls down the belts.

That was crazy.

WIN: SoCal Uncensored to retain the ROH Six Man Titles

Daniels gets jumped mere seconds later by Taven, and The Kingdom steal the six man titles and run off through the crowd.

The live show goes to intermission, during which we get a match filmed earlier in the night.

Triple Threat Tag: Motor City Machine Guns vs. Luke Hawx & PJ Hawx vs. Beer City Bruiser & Brian Milonas

Shelley and the younger Hawx engaging in a fine display of chain wrestling. Sabin in, lights up the kid with a chop, then hits a shoulder tackle. PJ with dropkicks to both Machine Guns, blasts Sabin with a chop and tags his dad, Luke. Pretty sure the Hawx team's gear glows in the dark. PJ back in, and gets cut off with a dropkick by Sabin, who tags in Beer City Bruiser. He wipes out the corners of his two opposing teams, then levels PJ with a Samoan drop. Milonas with a standing backwards drop across PJ and covers for a two count. The super heavyweight heels working over PJ in the corner. PJ takes Bruiser down briefly but he gets back to his feet and hits a running front kick. Bruiser and Milonas sandwich PJ between them. Milonas with the cover but Shelley breaks it up. Shelley gets hoisted by Milonas, and hit with a side slam-kick combo. Now Bruiser and Milonas working over Sabin, even though PJ still legally in. Bruiser with a flying senton on Sabin, but misses a rolling senton on PJ, who tags his dad Luke for the hot tag. Spin kick sends Milonas powdering to the floor. Flying shoulderblock by Luke Hawx on the Bruiser. Hawx dives out on Milonas. Sabin with a suicide dive  through split-legged Shelley. Bruiser knocks Sabin to the floor. PJ dives onto all of them, then Bruiser with a running senton off the apron. Milonas and Bruiser double team PJ with a superplex, top rope splash combo and they pick up the win.

WIN: Beer City Bruiser & Brian Milonas

Back with more after intermission concludes and the action resumes.

ROH World Tag Titles: Briscoe Brothers (C) vs. Jay Lethal & Hiroshi Tanahashi

Lethal rocking the Macho Man Savage tribute gear. Great reaction and response for Tanahashi. Jay Lethal and Jay Briscoe start out. They lock up in what amounts to a stalemate. They go at one another again, Jay Briscoe with the side headlock, drops Lethal on a shoulder tackle. Lethal and Jay setting a brisk pace here, as Jay evades a cartwheel dropkick by Lethal and hits a running rana. Mark tags himself in, Lethal able to escape the Briscoe corner and now Tanahashi is in. Mark gets a handful of Tanahashi's hair to boos, shoulder tackle drops the ace. Tanahashi mocks Mark in the crane pose, Mark spits in his face, then takes a dragon screw leg whip for his trouble. Lethal in with boots to the torso of Mark in the corner. Short elbow off the ropes drops Mark. Challengers tagging in and out, Tanahashi slams Mark close to the neutral corner, comes off with a somersault senton for a 2 count. Tag to Lethal, who points to the heavens in a Randy Savage homage then crashes down with a double axehandle on Mark. Snap mare, then a running basement dropkick off the ropes by Lethal to the side of Mark's head. Lethal hiptosses Mark, then hits the cartwheel dropkick, but Jay breaks out the pin attempt. Lethal knocks Jay off the apron and focuses back on Mark. Jay into the ring illegally and clocks Lethal with a heel kick. Mark hustles in and levels Tanahashi and just like that the champs have control. Back in the ring and Mark working over Lethal, who fires back with chops. Both men trading big chops, till Mark cuts him off with a knee to the gut. Jay with a running boot to the head off the ropes, while Mark was holding Lethal. Jay with a measured headbutt on Lethal. Jay scoop slams Lethal, Mark in with a measured jumping elbow drop. Lethal continues to take the heat as Ian Riccaboni veers on an ill-advised verbal detour comparing the super team of Lethal and Tanahashi to the relative lifespan of super groups in music. Lethal sent into the far neutral corner but fights his way out lighting up both Briscoes with chops. Lethal sends Mark out to the apron and Tanahashi knocks him off. Jay also spills to the floor, and Tanahashi holds him as Lethal hits a suicide dive. Lethal brings Jay down in a leglock near his corner and makes the tag to Tanahashi. Tanahashi going to work on Jay Briscoe hitting several signature spots including a jumping senton for a 2 count. Tanahashi gets Jay into the neutral corner and does a back rake. Lethal already tagged back in, trading big forearm uppercuts with Lethal. Lethal goes to the body, then chops Jay and hits a running dropkick to the side of the head of the kneeling Briscoe. Tanahashi back in, battling with Jay over a vertical suplex. Now trading strikes and Tanahashi gets the better of it. Jay reverses an Irish whip and Mark catches Tanahashi with a knee to the back while the ref's back was turned. Tanahashi levels Mark but Jay drops Tanahashi and the Briscoes take command over the ace. Briscoes with some standard heel stuff on Tanahashi, followed by their running double shoulder tackle. Lethal gets knocked to the apron by Mark. The assault on Tanahashi continues as the crowd chants "Go Ace!" briefly. Tanahashi and Mark battle, but Tanahashi gets the better of the champ and hits Sling Blade. Both men down, and tags on both sides. Lethal ducks a running kick and they start trading strikes at cenbter ring. Crowd wakes up after being rather quiet in this match for the exchange. Lethal staggers Jay and goes for Lethal Injection but Jay sidesteps it. Lethal delivers three chops to the chest, runs off the far ropes, Jay cuts him off with a dropkick. Lethal responds with the Lethal Combination. Jay Briscoe is down and Lethal scaling to the top in the neutral corner. Goes for the Randy Savage elbow, Jay gets a boot up, Lethal catches it and goes for the figure four. Jay blocks, kicks Lethal off, Jay stands and feeds into a Cutter, and Lethal hooks the figure four anyway. Mark Briscoe trying to cut it off, Tanahashi goes to send him out, Mark reverses, Tanahashi skins the cat and flips Mark to the floor. Jay Briscoe still in the figure four, Tanahashi measuring him for the High Fly Flow, but Mark cuts him off, shoves Tanahashi to the floor and hits a Froggy Bow on Lethal. Mark Briscoe tags in, hits a release suplex on Lethal, followed by a fisherman;s brainbuster. Mark goes for the pin but Tanahashi cuts him off. Tanahashi with a sling blade on Jay Briscoe. Rolling neckbreaker on Mark Briscoe. Back in the ring, Lethal catches Mark Briscoe with the Lethal Injection... but Briscoe kicks out at 2.9!!!! Ian and Colt put over how few people kick out of the Lethal Injection. "That was 3!' and "Ref you suck!" chants from the crowd. Lethal and Tanahashi set up Mark on the top in the neutral corner but Jay comes in to clean house. Jay fighting off both challengers with strikes. Tanahashi whipped to the far corner, gets both feet up to boot Jay when he tries charging in. Jay staggers back into an electric chair by Lethal. Tanahashi heads up for the Doomsday Device, Jay gets free and dumps Tanahashi to the floor. Lethal goes for the Lethal Injection, Jay evades it and hits a German suplex. The Briscoes nail Lethal with a Doomsday Device, and that'll do it.

WIN: Briscoe Brothers

ROH TV Title, Last Man Standing Match: Kenny King (C) vs. Silas Young 

Another video package, detailing the feud between these two, which dates back to Final Battle. Coming out of the video we hear an unidentified voice note "That was a nice package" and then Austin Aries walks out onto the stage. Aries says he wants to add the TV Title to his belt collection. Aries said he wants to face the winner of the TV Title match, then goes to join the commentary team. Young sets up a table on his way to the ring. King brings out a trash can. 

King and Young go nose to nose and immediatelty start trading punches, Young with a short knee but King battles back and cuts him off with a back suplex. The announcers doing a good job noting Young's record in Last Man Standing matches in ROH. King gets a few shots in before Young comes charging out of the corner and turns King inside out with a running clothesline. Young cuts off King charging in the corner, goes to the middle rope, leaps off, King shows his strength and catches Young before transitioning into a swinging backbreaker. King stays working on the back, turning over Young into a Boston crab. King then converts into a Last Chancery, at which Aries starts criticizing his technique. Todd Sinclair starts a 10 count on Silas, who gets up at 7. King goes in to follow up, Young grabs him, hoists him up for a back suplex and drops him out of the ring through the table. Now Silas hurling King into barricades here at ringside. Young lays out King with a straight punch out on the floor. Back in the ring, Young climbing up to the top rope, King over to cut him off and hits a step up enzyguiri. King up and hooks him for a superplex. After a battle for position, King delivers a sidewalk slam that lands Young on the chain connecting the top turnbuckle to the ringpost.  King follows up with a running Blockbuster off the apron. Todd Sinclair with a count on both men. King up first, and Young rolls back in the ring at 8. After a bak rake by Young, King answers with a spinebuster. They work out to the apron, and Young hits his Misery finisher driving King into the ring apron. Sinclair with the count. King staggers up to his feet at 8. Young tosses a bunch of plunder in. A chair and two trash cans. King goes for the chair and Young wallops him in the head with a trash can lid. Lid across the back drives King to his knees. Now Young has the chair and wedges it between the top and middle turnbuckles in the near corner. Young backs up, measuring King with a trash can lid. King tosses the chair at him, springs to the middle rope, launches off with a missile dropkick driving the chair into Young's face. King then plants Young with his Royal Flush finisher into the trash can. Young is down at 9 and counting, when he rolls out of the ring to the floor, landing on his feet. Clever false finish. King circling the ring and pulls out another table, screaming at ringside cameramen and photographers to get out of the way. King brings Young out of the ring, rams his head into the table, Young rolls onto the table. King pointing to the corner, milking it for the crowd. King heading to the top rope, but the fans are booing as Beer City Bruiser comes down to the ring. Bruiser and King throw hands, and King drops the Bruiser with a trash can shot to the head. King with the trash can across the back twice but this distracts him to get bushwhacked from behind by Young. Colt hinting Aries should run down and help but Aries points out it's all legal and he's "not dressed for it." Young brings out another ladder, props it up on the outside, and gets release belly to belly suplexed through it immediately. King sets Young on the table, heads to the top in the nearest corner and hits a BEAUTIFUL shooting star press through the table on the outside! Sinclair with a 10 count. King starts to stand but someone is holding his legs under the apron. Young stands, and King pulls his legs out to reveal they were tied under the ring by Beer City Bruiser. Crowd did not like that finish at all.

WIN: Silas Young to become the new ROH TV Champion

Young and Bruiser keep beating down King after the match. Aries says "I wasn't going to interfere in the match, but..." immediately throws off his jacket and heads to the ring, where he wipes out both Young and Bruiser with a suicide dive. Young and Bruiser retreat.

Cheeseburger & Eli Isom vs. The Dawgs

Special added attraction tag match... on a show that already has 11 matches. Sure? The Dawgs jump the faces before the match even begins. They ringpost Isom's leg and blast him with a steel chair. Isom is wrecked. ROH Enforcer Bully Ray is out to break up the carnage. Ian Riccaboni rightly questions where Bully has been all night, considering the Kingdom crashed the show after being banned and Beer City Bruiser just interfered in the TV Title Match. Bully Ray tells Cheeseburger if he can't find a partner, he;'ll have to forfeit the match. Cheeseburger gets on the mic and asks Bully to be his partner. After teasing it for a few minutes, Bully takes off his hat and coat and orders the bell to ring.

Cheeseburger & Builly Ray vs. The Dawgs

Clubbering by Bully and Cheeseburger. Referee Marty Elias took a spill during the scrum. Rhett Titus powders, Cheeseburger hits Ferrara with a bulldog, and Bully hits the jabs followed by the bionic elbow. Cheeseburger blasts Ferrera with the Shotei. Titus back in and takes a scoop slam from Bubba. He positions Rhett for the Wazzup Drop and Cheeseburger hits the other end of it. Bully tells Cheeseburger to "get the tables", then grabs Cheeseburger and delivers a wicked chokeslam. Bully goes into straight scowling heel mode. Bully demands a microphone from Bobby Cruise, then starts blasting Cheeseburger on the mic for putting him on the spot. "You are what's wrong with the wrestling business. You, and all of your kind." Crowd acted like he might be going racial until he said "your entire generation" immediately after. He starts listing "entitled" wrestlers of the current generation including Will Ospreay, Flip Gordon and "that nobody Ricochet." Now ROH COO Joe Koff is out confronting Bully Ray, but without a microphone. Colt says he hopes he never becomes "a bitter old vet like this." Bully taunting Koff that he isn't going to do anything about it and now Flip Gordon is out. Bully hooks Cheeseburger in a standing headscissors and threatens to piledrive Cheeseburger if Flip enters the ring, and says the state commission will shut the show down if he does it. Now Bully ordering Flip and Koff to go stand on the other side of the ring. Bully then re-introduces himself to the crowd as "a WWE Hall of Famer." He powerbombs Cheeseburger, then leaves the ring. 

 This was such a strange segment.

Cody vs. Kenny Omega

Cody is being escorted to the ring by Brandi Rhodes, Bernard the Business Bear, and a police escort. 

Huge hero's reaction for Omega, who locks eyes with the Business Bear at ringside. 

"Holy Shit" chant from the opening bell and these guys haven't even locked up. Cody feints a lock up then ducks through the ropes for a good-luck kiss from Brandi. "F--- You Cody" chant now. Shot of the crowd misses the initial lock up between the two. Cody shoves him off. Another lock up, Cody shoves him off again. Cody pulls Omega into a side headlock, shoved off, drops Omega with a shoulder tackle. Omega drops down, leapfrog, push kick sends Cody to the floor. Omega with a running kick as Cody reaches the apron. Now Omega goes into the Terminator pose at center ring as Cody waits on the floor. Omega charges  but the Business Bear trips Omega before he csan complete his dive. Omega with a baseball slide dropkick through the ropes drops the bear. He throws the bear head into the crowd. Cody catches Omega with a suicide dive. Referee Paul Turner ejects the Business Bear without getting a shot of who was in the suit. Back in the ring, Cody slams Omega, misses an elbow drop and feeds into a series of chops by Omega. Kitchen sink knee by Cody to the solar plexus, hoists Omega for a suplex and just releases him, as Omega crashes to the mat. Cody fires off some push-ups as the crowd jeers, and Cody with some stomps and kicks to Omega. Cody runs Omega headfirst into the top turnbuckle, then an overhand chop across the chest. Measured punch to the head of Omega. Chop across the chest of Omega, Omega answers, Cody bulls him back into the corner, cartwheels to gain distance, charges in, blocks a kick by Omega and sets him up for Shattered Dreams. Cody gets a running start, stops, and flips off the fans. Omega catches Cody with a back elbow, Cody evades a corner attack, hits a quick snap powerslam on Omega that only gets a 2 count. Colt is so good on commentary here, talking about the difference in background of both men, how Cody was handed everything while Omega was basically sent off to Japan. Brief series of reversals ends when Cody blocks a rana attempt by Omega with a powerbomb. Cody ensnares Omega in a deathlock. Omega reaching for the ropes and finally gets there. As the referee turns to make Cody break, Brandi slaps Kenny. Kenny leering at Cody, leaving him open to get kicked behind the knee. Cody follows with a chop block, going to work on the left knee. Cody asks his wife to "throw him the gimmick." When the referee takes it from him and turns to dispose of it, Cody kicks Omega squarely below the belt. Omega powders out to the floor. Cody has referee Paul Turner distracted as Brandi kicks him and walks across him in high heeled boots. Omega gets sent into the ringside barricades. Cody slams Omega on the floor. Omega fires back, but Cody cuts him off and rams Omega headfirst into a chair set up at ringside. Now Cody gets into it with some fans in the first row, takes a drink from one of them and spits it into the crowd. Back in the ring, Cody covers Omega, only for a 1 count. Cody slapping Omega around as Omega gets back to his feet. Now both guys trading strikes. Cody seeming;y gets the advantage with a kick to the gut but Omega answers back with some big knife edge chops. Omega fires Cody off, ducks his head, Cody pulls up, drops down and catches Omega with an uppercut. Omega bails to the floor, works back to the apron. Omega with a shoulder to the midsection making him the only guy or gal on the card who's hit that successfully. Omega to the top rope for a crossbody. Cody floats over but only gets a 2 count. Omega seemingly poised for a comeback but Cody cuts him off with a knee to the gut. Omega tries again, hoists Cody in a fireman's carry for a rolling slam, but Cody gets the knees up for a moonsault. Omega answers again, hitting a quick rana that sends Cody to the floor. Omega hits a perfect no-hands dive over the top rope to the floor, wiping out Cody. Omega gets Cody back into the ring. Leapfrog Famouser (I think?) drives Cody headfirst into the mat. Omega then delivers a cross-legged brainbuster across his knee to Cody. Omega runs off the ropes, blocks a clothesline by Cody, delivers the V Trigger. Omega takes Cody's back, standing switch, Kenny blocks the German suplex and transitions into a snap dragon suplex. Make it two.  Crowd chanting for one more. Kenny jaws with Brandi a bit, now hooking Cody, Cody fights out of it and hits the Disaster Kick. Cover by Cody gets a 2 count. Cody on all fours, measuring Omega. He hooks Omega for Cross Rhodes, Omega gets out of it, spin kick to the back of Cody's head. Cody on his knees in the corner, Omega to the far corner and charges in with a running knee. Cody hoisted for a One Winged Angel, Cody escapes and transitions into a figure four. Omega has been in the figure four for quite a bit. Now Omega elbow smashing the legs of Cody trying to escape the hold. Omega tries to roll to the ropes but Cody cuts him off. Now both men trading punches while Omega remains locked in the figure four. Finally Omega is able to reverse the hold and Cody immediately crawls forward into the ropes. Crowd chanting for Omega who is using the ropes to pull him up. Cody hits a dragon screw leg whip on Omega, who had one leg wrapped around the middle rope. Cody goes under the ring and brings out another table. Cody sets up the table and gets Omega on the apron and sets for Cross Rhodes in a call back for hitting Ibushi with one to the floor at Wrestle Kingdom. Omega resists it. Now Cody teasing a piledriver. Omega blocks it. Omega with a couple of punches to Omega, then a chop. Omega ducks a clothesline, hooks a half nelson on Cody, looking for the full nelson. Dragon suplex on the apron! Omega sets the table over on its side, hooks Cody for a suplex, Cody reverses and drops Omega stomach first ACROSS THE EDGE OF THE TABLE! Cody clears out the ringside staff table and then shoves Omega back into the apron. Springboard missile dropkick by Cody. Omega feeds to lean against the middle rope on the other side of the ring, Cody kicks the rope back into his throat, hits an Alabama Slam for a near fall. Brandi and Cody now carrying the table over closer to the ring. Cody back into the ring and both men now trading punches. Omega getting the better of it until Cody rakes the eyes, then Omega rocks him, but Cody delivers a snap dragon suplex of his own. Cody charges to the ropes for some momentum but Omega follows him and delivers the second V Trigger of the match. Poison frankensteiner by Omega, who sells the knee after hitting the move. Now Brandi is up on the apron. Cody charges Omega, hooks for Cross Rhodes, Omega escapes. Another V Trigger. Brandi is still on the apron. Omega goes for a running V Trigger, Cody moves, Brandi eats the knees and crashes through the table. Omega goes to check on Brandi, distracted back into the ring. Cody hits Cross Rhodes. 1... 2... NOOOO Omega with a shoulder up! Now Flip Gordon is out for the third time tonight, this time helping Brandi to the back. In the ring, Cody sets Omega on the top turnbuckle. Omega firing back with punches. Cody trying to stand but getting his ribs worn out. Cody standing on the top rope, thinking superplex... and he hits it! Both men are down. Cody taking off the weight belt, and he lashes Omega with it, then climbs to the top rope. Goes for a moonsault but Omega moves. Great visual of the face of Omega after escaping the moonsault. Omega with a measured knee to the face of Cody, who motions for more. Omega measures Cody for a V-Trigger, Cody pushes the referee in the way. Cody spits in Omega's face, Omega blocks a poke in the eye, delivers a other short knee, followed by a running V-Trigger for a VERY close near-fall. Cody shoved into the ropes, another running V-trigger, Cody hoisted for the One Winged Angel, CODY COUNTERS INTO A VERTEBREAKER! AND OMEGA KICKS OUT! Cody calls for Cross Rhodes, Omega blocks with a knee to the head, Omega floats behind, Cody drives Omega back into the corner and the ref gets sandwiched against the turnbuckles and bumps. In the ring, Cody and Omega collide in a double cross body. Now all 3 men are down and out. Here come the Young Bucks. Nick Jackson into the ring, followed by Matt, who still is nursing his back. The Bucks talking over things. The Bucks measure Cody, then turn to Kenny, then turn back to Cody. The Bucks go for their superkicks, Cody ducks and they drill Omega instead. Cody brings up Omega and hits Cross Rhodes. Super slow count by the referee, but that does it. Wow.

WIN: Cody

ROH World Title-Dalton Castle (C) vs. Marty Scurll

NWA World Champion Nick Aldis is ringside in a three-piece suit.

Scurll comes out rocking all-gold entrance attire, and it's tremendous. Castle also has new gear, and an entrance with pyro and confetti... and Boys, of course. Scurll refuses the Code of Honor at the start. Lock up quickly into the corner and they make a clean break. Another lock-up, Scurll teases a clean break, tries a cheap shot, Castle ducks it, back to center ring and poses. Scurll with a wristlock, Castle reverses into one of his own. Scurll to the mat, spins out to escape the wristlock and chain wrestles into a side headlock takeover. Then he turns and extends the "single digit of friendship" to Castle. Castle reaches deep (too deep) into his trunks and responds with one of his own. Scurll grabs the middle finger but before he can break it, Castle levels him with a forearm. Scurll now into the ring with his gold umbrella. Back to action as Sinclair gets away the umbrella, Castle takes down Scurll delivering some forearms to the back of the head. Both men exchanging open handed strikes to the chest on the mat, and more rough forearms by both. Nice Beal throw by Castle, who moves in for a gutwrench, deadlifts Scurll and throws him. Back to center ring, Castle with a front facelock, but Scurll spings free with an arm whip driving Castle shoulder first into the mat. Castle powders out, evades the running kick by Scurll, then Scurll ducks a charging Castle and posts the champ. Scurll lights up Castle with a chop, Castle answers with a straight right. Another big chop by Scurll, followed by a scoop slam. Back into the ring and Scurll lays in a kick to the right arm of Castle. Scurll takes the left wrist, folds up Castle's left arm and stomps the elbow. Scurll wraps Castle's left arm around the middle rope, wrenching it. Castle back out to the floor, Scurll gets a shot in but Castle answers with a flurry of forearms and chops. Scurll cuts him off again. Back into the ring, Scurll ties up Castle and delivers a hammerlock armbreaker on Castle. Measured chops by Scurll. Castle firing back with more strikes, then he dumps Scurll through the ropes to the apron. Scurll snaps Castle's left arm against the top rope. Castle continues to really unload with the strikes. Castle blocks Scurll and delivers a back elbow, followed by a big Beal. Castle blocks a kick, pulls Scurll into a twisting back suplex. Another odd-angle suplex thow by the champ. Castle keeps on the heat until Scurll sidetseps him, sending the champ to the floor. But Castle pulls Scurll through the ropes, carries him into position and hits a deadlift German suplex out on the floor. Castle rolls Scurll into the ring and Scurll immediately tries to get out on the other side. Scurll ends up draped across the top turnbuckle, Castle runs down the apron and drills Scurll with a knee. Out on the floor they keep battling and Scurll connects on a tornado DDT. Charging European uppercut in the corner by Scurll. He scales for a tornado DDT, gets caught by Castle, he goes for the Bang A Rang, Scurll reverses it into a pinning predicament. Both men back standing, Scurll takes out the knee. Measures Castle, but as Scurll rebounds off the ropes, Castle drops him with a high knee. Leaping knee into the corner by Castle. And another. Castle now measuring Scurll with more knees. Castle lifts Scurll onto the top turnbuckle, slaps the challenger. Now Castle has Scurll for a gutwrench, teasing he'll throw him to the floor. Scurll escapes, rocks Castle. Now they're battling with Castle perched on the top turnbuckle now. Top rope superplex by Scurll! Castle powders out, Scurll hits his apron superkick and the champ is dropped. Brawl on the floor now, and they're fighting their way back up the aisle. This builds up to a charging Castle getting back dropped onto the stairs by Scurll! Scurll bringing Castle back to the ring. The crowd hushes as Scurll hammerlocks the left arm, drives Castle's left shoulder into the turnbuckle. Back to the arm and fingers, and again rams Castle shoulder-first into turnbuckles on the opposite side. Ghost Buster by Scurll... Castle kicks out at 2. The brawl spills back out onto the floor, and Castle reverses the momentum with a boot, but Scurll gets it back when he reverses and whips Castle into the barricade. Scurll leans against the ringside barricade, and Nick Aldis hands him some sort of object.  Aldis handed Scurll a set of clippers, which he uses to remove the top turnbuckle pad in one of the corners. Scurll goes to run him in shoulder first, Castle blocks and starts pelting Scurll with forearms using his good arm.  Scurll ducks a clothesline by Castle with the bad arm, Castle turns and drops him with a clothesline with the strong, right arm. Castle tries to dead lift Scurll but isn't with the injured arm. A second try gets it done on the deadlift German. He bridges but Scurll kicks out just before the three count. Castle sending Scurll over in the corner with the exposed turnbuckle. Both climbing to the middle rope. Todd Sinclair out on the apron trying to get them down. Scurll hit a low blow, followed by a superkick. Scurll with a superkick to the back of Castle's head. He covers... and the pin attempt gets 2.9. Crowd is audibly booing at the near fall... Scurll now under the ring, looking for... something. While he's still out and looking, Castle waylays him and sends Scurll hard into the ringside barrier. Scurll goes into the ring again and appears to have found the powder. Castle kicks it back into Scurll's face. Sinclair in there, checking on Scurll, who, blinded, grabs Sinclair;'s hand and breaks two of his fingers. Scurll staggers to Castle, into the Bang A Rang... but Sinclair can't make the count with the broken fingers. That woke up the crowd. Sinclair has been helped to the back and now Scurll is wiping out Castle and the Boys with his gold umbrella. Scurll delivers a standard brainbuster, but there's no referee. Castle is down for a solid 7 count before replacement ref Paul Turner comes in, and Castle kicks out at 2. More boos. Scurll signaling for the chicken wing but Castle "peacocks up." Bevy of strikes by Castle, followed by a Saito suplex. Scurll with a forearm. They trade blows, and Scurll hooks the chicken wing. Castle rolls onto his belly and stands with Scurll on his back, then drops back to smash Scurll into the mat. Scurll immediately re applies the hold. Castle reaching for the bottom rope. Scurll grabs Castle's outstretched index finger, and snaps it. Two measured stomps to the had by Scurll. More stomps. The referee is teasing a stoppage finish. Scurll goes for the chicken wing again, Castle floats over into a pin for a 2 count. Scurll with two superkicks to a kneeling Castle. He runs off into the ropes, Castle with the Bang A Rang. That does it.

WIN: Dalton Castle to retain the ROH World Title


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