ROH Top Prospect Finalist John Skyler Says It's Not Always About 'Less Is More'

Sometimes it takes the right person to really see just how far you've gone in pro wrestling.

John Skyler, who made it to the ROH Top Prospect finals last year before losing to Josh Woods, does recall one match where it all came together for him. Speaking to The Wrestling News Hub, It was with none other than the current number one contender to the NXT title, Johnny Gargano:

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There was this one particular match against Johnny Gargano that I had in Charlotte, North Carolina for PWX, which was probably about two years ago now. It was kind of a cold match, there was no rivalry, he was coming in for one-time appearance and I was working my way up the system at the time, just getting hot. The bell rang and we stood there in our respective corners and the crowd was going ballistic. We hadn't done anything, we were just standing there and staring at each other from across the ring, and they were chanting “Johnny Wrestling, SkylerSucks” and then it became a 50/50 thing where people were like chanting “Johnny Wrestling” “Let's go Skyler.” We took a couple steps closer to each other, we went nose to nose with one another, and then the crowd started chanting ‘This is awesome.' We had never touched each other! This was a cold match, and it was literally us just taking a moment to acknowledge the people and the people were acknowledging us. We were letting the people, in a certain way, dictate what we were going to do next, but they didn't have full control, we were still trying to figure things out. So, we were like, okay.

Skyler also talked about the misconceptions of the term "less is more" in professional wrestling. He feels that it's about getting more out of doing less in the ring that really makes one stand out:

There is this misconception where guys are told all the time that less is more, less is more, and I don't think that's necessarily the case. I think it's about getting more out of less. I think that was a night where we were getting more out of less. We hadn't touched each other, and that wasn't anything we planned. It was us reacting to the crowd. It made for a special moment, definitely for me. I can't speak for Johnny, Johnny has probably had a ton of those moments in fact because the guy is great. It was really cool to experience that, and it was where the lightbulb went off and it was like ‘wrestling moves don't really matter.' I started thinking, we had these people wrapped up in emotion and we hadn't even touched. That is where the lightbulb went off in my head anyway. Okay, maybe it's not necessarily about the wrestling moves. I look back at that match with great fondness because I think it made me a better wrestler.

Skyler has done a number of enhancement jobs on NXT television in the last couple of years. He currently wrestles for CWF Mid Atlantic.

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