Roman Reigns And Braun Strowman Bond Over Their Wars

Aw, hell Titus.

Titus O'Neil posted a photo earlier to his social media -- in the midst of his most important angle in years -- showing several WWE Superstars hanging out in Rome.

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Among those stars are Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns. Strowman has a storyline separated shoulder, and Roman Reigns was spitting, pissing, and crapping blood as WWE Payback went off the air the other night.

While YA BOY doesn't particularly care about things like this (wrestlers have normal lives), many do. I guess it's a good thing Heath Slater, Matt Hardy and Curtis Axel were between the two to keep peace.

C'mon Titus, you know better. I'm enjoying the stuff with Apollo Crews, don't try to get your "dad of the year" gimmick over more by proving you can parent Roman and Strowman long enough to not have them destroy one another in public. To be fair, this is somewhat of a group of Superdads. You have Heath Slater, father of 7 alleged children, the aforementioned Titus, the tea party attending Roman Reigns, as well as Matt Hardy, father of King Maxel. No wonder things stayed calm.

Titus deleted the photo, by the way.

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