Roman Reigns Calls His 'Tweener' Character "An Uncharted Territory," Doesn't Want To Turn Heel

Roman Reigns was a recent guest on "Talk is Jericho," and spoke about the reception he gets from a large portion of the fan base, as well as the controversy over whether or not he should turn heel.

As seen in the video above, Roman Reigns gets a negative response from a certain small subsection of the WWE Universe. And by "certain small subsection" we mean, "80%." Also, contrary to what the commentary team would have you believe, it's not just on "opposite day"--on the Raw after mania when cheers are boos and vice versa. He gets it from a majority of fans in every town he goes through. "We get it all the time, babyface/heel, babyface/heel, babyface/heel, like, I’m just me. I’ve always had kind of a… I rub people the right way or the wrong [way]. You either like me or you don’t.” Reigns said, “but as long as you rub people some way, yeah, man, you have a position in show business. I don’t know how else to say it. It’s loud. But the thing is it’s cool because they compete. They compete. The people who like me, they’re going to cheer. And the guys who don’t… Did I say, ‘the guys’? The guys my age who don’t, they want to be louder, so, like, it becomes a thing. And that’s what it’s all about. I mean, this is the world that we live in today. Not everybody is going to like you and people want to see you do good, but not that good. ... As long as they’re coming, as long as they’re making noise, have fun, man. Boo the s–t out of me. Like, if it’s making you cooler with this dude and that dude next to you and y’all are having a great night, please, say all you want to me. I’m a grown man. You’re not going to hurt my feelings. Do you know what I mean? My wife is not going to think any differently of me."

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Also, for those of you out there waiting impatiently for Reigns to make a straight up, obvious, out-and-out heel turn, he doesn't really see the point. "The thing is, if I turn heel, what am I? Am I just going to, like, become a chick [magnet character] like, just like everything that [has] been done or why not just be me? Like no one has ever been like me. This is an uncharted territory. It can be anything I want it to be, so why put myself on one side of it? Why not just dabble? Why not have the full range, do whatever I want, be ‘The Guy’? Do you know what I mean? That’s how I feel. I’m the one writing this at this point right now. We’re in a position [where] we can do anything we want as long as they make noise."

You can listen to the entire podcast at this link.

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