Roman Reigns Talks About The Shield Reunion And What The Team Has Meant To Him And The WWE

Roman Reigns spoke to The Mirror on Monday, mere hours before The Shield reunited on RAW in Indianapolis (coincidentally the same place they debuted and broke up). He spoke about his history with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, both with The Shield and as singles wrestlers.

"We know what we've made for each other, we know what we've done for each other, and we made jokes how we helped each other buy our houses! We have a very tight bond that will never be broken by anything. We've done things that are so special and we're going to hold onto them for the rest of our lives. Nobody can ruin that. I think that's what helped us and what made The Shield so special - we believed in each other, three guys with no names, that's what made our faction so special. We weren't the NWO, we weren't DX, we weren't the Nation of Domination, we didn't have superstars who were already existed coming together, we were all three no-name guys and we were able to capture the hearts of the audience and make them believe in our team. I think that's really what set The Shield apart from everybody else, the way we wrestled for each other and the way we celebrated together and sold together. If we had to tuck our tails and run, we did it together. And if we came back out like tough guys to fight some more, we did it together. I think that's why when we did finally split it was so impactful.

"Nobody wanted The Shield to break up, but that's the type of competitors we are, we're wolves, we wanted to be the very best. We said from day one, we're here to set the bar, we're here to leave this place better than we found it. The only real way to do that is in a singles capacity. The only real way to make major movement with the product and viewership and to progress is to make major singles stars. I'm so proud to be able to say we were able to do that. Not only were we able to display the teamwork to get The Shield over, we were still able to handle the break-up. To go from being three guys who were handed multiple segments on a Monday night, anywhere from five to seven segments, splitting up and still doing it on our own, I think that just shows what kind of three individuals you have on your hands and why Vince [McMahon] and Hunter [Triple H] and the powers that be knew it was time to split these guys up. Because we're all workhorses, we're all thoroughbreds, we can all pull the wagon. I think you've seen that over the past three years, if I'm not dominating Raw, one of those two guys are. And we've also been able to lift people up and make people better and at the end of the day, that's all you really can do, try and give back to the business, which has given so much to you."

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You can read the entire extensive interview at this link.

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