Rosemary Talks Her Character Catching On, Allie, Taya, More

Former Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion Rosemary was recently interviewed by Wrestling Epicenter's Interactive Wrestling Radio. You can see highlights of the interview below, or check out the full thing above or at this link.

The Rosemary character catching on so much: 
"We knew it would speak to a certain amount of people. We just didn't, we weren't aware of how many there were or how quickly it would happen. When Decay debut in late January of 2016, later that month we were doing the UK tour. That episode had not yet aired in the UK for our debut. And yet, we stepped out in Manchester and the crowd was already singing our theme song and knew who we were. To have that kind of instant recognition and that instant connection, then that perhaps was the birth of the Hivelings, as they say (laughs) brought to us so very quickly and so very instantaneously. To connect with the audience so quickly was not expected by any of us in Decay. We simply went with it and became, not necessarily, as you mortals like to say, "good guys" or "baby faces"? (laughs) We just did what came organically and the people came with us." 

Rosemary taking a more fan friendly direction: 
"We tolerate Allie. We would hesitate to use the word "friend". The natural mistake is to say that we have chosen the way of the light. This is not true. We will never ever waver in our allegiance to the shadow and the darkness. It is simply that the shadow has seen fit to protect Allie and that is what we do. We follow our instructions." 

The return of Taya Valkyrie to Impact: 
"When Taya could not appear at Bound for Glory, you cannot understand the heartbreak that we suffered. To be promised a blood splattered battle and to have that taken away, perhaps we were a shell of ourselves for the latter half of the year? Not knowing when we would ever see her again and now, she's returned to us! (laughs) And on the horizon, darling, is war. Do not think anything less could happen between us. They could not keep the Demon and the Valkyrie apart forever. When we do get her face to face, face to face mind you, nevermind these little games she's playing. It will be war and it will be beautiful!" 

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