Royce Isaacs: People In 'Some Of These Bigger TV Companies' Are Starting To Be Interested In Me

Royce Isaacs wants some stability.

As a member of Team Filthy and one-half of the West Coast Wrecking Crew with Jorel Nelson, Isaacs has been a mainstay on NJPW STRONG. He also competes on the independent scene, particularly on the West Coast, on a regular basis.

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Speaking with’s Lewis Carlan, Isaacs was asked about his contract status with NJPW. He stated that he is a free agent, and he would like some stability. Isaacs also teased that he has some interest from TV companies.

"I’m still a free agent unfortunately, still trying to find someone to put a ring on it. I don’t mind the freelancing because it is has allowed me to do some really cool stuff and go wherever I want and whatnot but I’m reaching the point where I would really like a little bit more stability in my career I’m open to exploring all possibilities as as far as things like that go and I don’t know how to say this without being like super cryptic and sounding like I’m just making up or whatever but I will say in the past few days without getting into super details that I do have people that are that are starting to be interested in me in some of these bigger TV companies so we’ll see. I like where I’m at and I would love to do more with New Japan but I’m also not gonna just wait around and wait out my prime for them to realize what they have on their hands because I do know that having Royce Isaacs is something special, I’m not just any old wrestler," Isaacs said.

Isaacs also commented on potentially wrestling for NOAH, AJPW or DDT. When asked whether he thinks NJPW would pull the trigger on a contract if he started talking about signing with NOAH, Isaacs noted that he doesn't know what NJPW is thinking. He stated that that he would love to continue with NJPW, but he has to explore his options.

"I don’t know where New Japan’s head is at with Jorel and myself. I don’t know where their head is at with me. In all honesty I would hope so, I would love to continue to work with New Japan. That would be ideal, I have to keep progressing in my career and I have to keep moving up and if that continues to be doing stuff with the New Japan and New Japan STRONG then great. Until they actually lock me down, I have to explore all options and then it’s on them if I do get an offer somewhere and they want to match it. If they don’t then no hard feelings, that’s their business decision and it would be my career goal to make sure that they understand that’s a mistake," Isaacs said.

Fightful will provide more information about Isaacs' contract status as it becomes available.

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