RUMOR: Enzo & Cass Both Have Heat Backstage, Is It Real?

Did it seem odd to anyone out there that WWE would break up Enzo & Cass less than a year and a half into their main roster tenure, before they had ever had a run with the belts, and while they were still so over as a babyface tag team?

Did it seem like a poor creative decision?

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Apparently, it seemed like that to Enzo Amore.

According to a report in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, he hasn't been quiet about it, and that has lead to him having some not-so-minor heat backstage.

Apparently, there something happened on a tour bus a few weeks ago, and while details of the incident haven't been fully confirmed, it seems that Enzo said something disparaging about "the business" and it made a lot of the boys angry. Roman Reigns kicked Enzo Amore off the bus, and "The Realest Guy In The Room "became "The Realest Guy Not Allowed To Dress In The Locker Room."

Separately from all of that, it appears that Big Cass has run afoul with several of the guys in the back, due to his political leanings, and his inability to keep his mouth shut about them. Turns out being a vociferous backer of President Donald Trump doesn't exactly make you very popular among the very diverse WWE roster.

The Observer is quick to point out that this heat with the boys doesn't extend to the top brass, and Big Cass's push is expected to continue, unabated. 

Editor's note: I wanted to mention that Fightful asked around about this, and hasn't had a confirmation. Those we've spoken to either don't know anything about the situation or laughed it off. 

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