Rumors Are Flying: Dixie Carter, Naomi Opponent, Shelton Benjamin - WWE, GFW Belts

The following are rumors and should be treated as such, unless confirmed or debunked by Fightful.

- WWE has teased that Naomi could have a new challenger step up for her title. On social media, Tamina has indicated she'll step up.

- has confirmed that many within GFW don't know which championship belts are actually being updated.

- Dixie Carter mentioned she'd be "close" to next week's Raw in Nashville.

- Wrestling Inc. says that the GFW Hall of Fame announcement will be made on August 17.

- WWE posted a playlist of Shelton Benjamin matches, followed by a link that redirected to a 2016 post about his planned return before an injury was discovered, leading many to believe he's on his way back to the company.

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