Rumors Are Flying: Headbangers Returning To WWE, Bryan Not Done?, Luke Rockhold, Balor, Rhodes

The following are rumors and should be treated as such. can't verify the authenticity of the claims, outside of those that we've debunked.

- Former WWE tag team champion Thrasher says he and Mosh of the Headbangers are returning to WWE on Smackdown. We're told it will be in the WWE Tag Team Tournament.

- A recent article from Forbes says WWE hasn't closed the door on a Daniel Bryan WWE return, but we're told their stance hasn't changed as of yet.

- There is speculation that former UFC Middleweight Champion Luke Rockhold is dating pop star Demi Lovato.

- There's no solid timetable on Finn Balor's possible return, so anything you've heard as of now is speculation. He's personally planning for a six month absence.

- Cody Rhodes has said he won't sign a full-time wrestling deal again, but we've been told one has been offered.

- TNA is building to a second "Final Deletion," which was supposed to be called "Final Liquidation." This will see the Hardy Brothers team up against Decay.

- More people did not watch NXT Takeover: Back To Brooklyn than Summerslam, as widely reported.