Rusev Shares The Story Of The Day He Met Vince McMahon

Rusev shares the story of his first interaction with Vince McMahon.

A video posted on the former United States Champion's YouTube channel saw him talk  about meeting McMahon for the first time. Rusev explained that it happened a couple of years into WWE development and was part of a tour with WWE on the West Coast. According to Rusev, he met McMahon while the two were waiting on an elevator and McMahon asked him why it took him so long to do tours like this? Rusev explained to him the setbacks he encountered while in WWE developmental.

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"I had to go somewhere downstairs, then I'm going up the elevator. I press the button, I wait and before the elevator shows up, who shows up? Boss man, Vincent Kennedy McMahon shows up. Walks up to the elevator to go to his private, legendary suite and I'm like, 'Oh shit. I did not want to encounter that right now.' At first, you're intimidated because I've seen the guy ever since I was a kid. I don't know how he is and I don't know what to do. So we get in the elevator and obviously, I had to introduce myself. I said, 'Hello Mr. McMahon. My name is Miro, Alexander Rusev. This is my first loop and I just want to say thank you for all the opportunities.' He said, 'Oh. How long have you been in developmental?' I said about two-and-a-half years. He said, 'What took you so long? What happened? Why did it took you so long?' What do I say? Of course, my instinct is to say the truth. So I said, 'Yes sir, but I had a couple of step backs. Had a knee surgery. I broke my neck.' He asks, 'How do you feel now?' I said I was ready to go. The elevator stopped and he left," Rusev said.

Rusev admitting to McMahon that he's had surgery and injuries in the past left the former WWE star devastated, thinking that he blew his chances of making it into the main roster. Rusev told Xavier Woods what had happened immediately afterwards and Woods downplayed it, saying that McMahon might not even remember it. 

"I go back to the room and I am defeated. Woods was there and I am defeated. I'm like, 'Woods. I just blew my chances. I screwed myself. I screwed myself, I'm done. This is it.' He asked what happened and I tell him what happened. How stupid could I be? Why would I tell Vince McMahon that I broke my neck and I tore my knee. Now, he's going to think I'm not reliable. He's never going to take me to the main roster. This is it. I am done. He's like, 'I don't think he'll remember that tomorrow.' So for one week or more, in my head, I thought I was done. Why would I say these things? Now, he thinks I'm no good, thinks I'm broken. That was never brought up. I was still sent to the main roster. Everything went as planned," Rusev said.

The full video can be seen at the top of the page.

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