Rusev Used To Work At Wendy's And Schooled His Manager On Mustard Lettering

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a story about how Rusev
is not only handsome,
he is also much smarter
than his Wendy's manager

Rusev had some bumps on the road along the way to becoming the most handsome superstar in WWE.

He divulged to Chris Jericho on the "Talk is Jericho" podcast that when he first came to America, he painted houses in crazy hot weather.

"I had the opportunity to come to the United States of America as an exchange student, so I had to come for four months, work, and then, go back. I had to paint houses. I never painted in my life. It was 100º outside with 100% humidity. And they expect me to climb a ladder in the third floor and paint. I got fired a month later. I got thrown out on the streets because I don't know anybody. I was a month in. I got thrown out by my own comrades, Bulgarian people. They were my employers. They threw me out, literally. I had no money. I had nowhere to go. They kicked me out of the house they provided."

And that painting gig was a picnic compared to his brief stint working in the fast food industry.

"I worked at Wendy's for a week. ... Three guys worked there and there were seven managers. How is that even [possible]? It's so American. We need more workers than managers."

Rusev recalled a time when one of the seven managers taught him the Wendy's way of applying mustard to a burger. 

"'You need to put mustard with a W on top of the burger.' I'm like, 'what? First of all, who's going to open the burger and see the W. And, if you turn it upside-down, it's McDonald's!'" And the manager goes, 'oh, I never really thought about it.'" 

That can't be right, can it? 

Like as a policy, they don't force their workers to put the mustard on their burgers in a "W," do they?

Actually, yeah, they do.

And they're proud of it.

I hope Rusev turned in his little paper hat and his apron and walked out right then and there.


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