Russo's Raw Blog: Well, I'm Still Watching

I take great pride in being a professional, and delivering to those who count on me. I've made no mystery about it, I don't like RAW, I don't want to watch RAW, however, I get paid by the good people of to do so. Therefore--I am going to be as objective as I can as I look at this week's show.


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  • I enjoyed Sasha/Charlotte getting interrupted by Lana and Rusev---that was unexpected and different. However, I did not like the girls getting to the Brute and drop kicking him out of the ring. Even though that was a guaranteed pop . . .I thought it made the former US Champ look week. I also would have put the ladies in a bit more jeopardy before I sent Reigns out.
  • Teaming Charlotte with Rusev after she just helped Sasha dump him out of the ring made no sense, but at this point sense doesn't matter.
  • I can't take another New Day non-funny in ring.
  • Two months and counting with Cesaro/Sheamus now. I was bored the FIRST week.
  • As cute as Bailey is, I'm not going to sit there and watch her perform in squash matches. Again, only nitwits are going to sit there and watch a fake fight where they already know what the outcome is before the bell even rings.
  • Jericho/R-Truth "Payday" spot? Ouy-Vey.
  • Cruiser weight tag with four nobodies--no thank you.
  • Mick/Stephanie in ring. I can't look at Stephanie McMahon subjectively. Not a fan of her personally, or professionally. Good that there are stakes on the Jericho/Rollins main.
  • Bo Dallas/Axel/Enzo/Cass/Anderson/Gallows mess. Exactly what this was--a mess. They've killed Anderson/Gallows, made them lose all credibility---AND---speaking of credibility---did Enzo/Cass ever get their comeuppance on those Caribbean Dudes. Just no story, no nothing. Just don't care.
  • Zayn/Neville vs. Bo/Axel. Ouy-Vey.
  • Charlotte/Lana spot was best thing on the show.
  • How can you not have anything for a guy that looks like Titus and has his personality.
  • Perkins/Kendrick in back---don't care.
  • Strowman squash. Can't even think of anything witty to say.
  • Mixed tag. Crowd was into it . . . I wasn't. I like more than a :60 second build to a match.
  • Heyman Goldberg promo. Just hard to get excited about something that was already booked 12 years ago when both guys were in their prime. Good for Goldberg though--he should get a nice pay day out of it.
  • Perkins/Daivari---time to drop a deuce.
  • Main event. I would have had Owens go to screw Rollins, but "accidentally" screw Jericho. But . . . as they say . . .what do I know.
  • My apologies. No character building, no stories equals a whole-lotta non-interest.


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