Ryback Says The $1 Million Dollar Offer To CM Punk From 5 Star Wrestling Is "A Bunch Of Bullsh-t"

On a recent episode of his podcast, "Conversations With The Big Guy," Ryback revealed that he has a history with 5 Start Wrestling promoter Dan Hinkles, who has been in the news lately regarding his $1 Million offer to CM Punk for Punk to appear in an upcoming 128 Man Tournament.

Ryback says that Hinkles is "delusional" and a bullshit artist.

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“He just comes off like he says one thing and then says another thing. And then out of all the promoters we’ve dealt with, he has been by far the worst,” Ryback began. "He showed up to one of the events in England when I was there, just like harassing me, essentially. I treated him beyond well for that, but if there was ever a delusional human being, he was one of them." 

Ryback claims that he originally signed for one match, but Hinkles then changed it to three or four matches for the same money, to which Ryback balked and walked away from the deal.

"We paid back the deposit. We said, ‘We can’t work for you,’ because the agreement was for one match and then he said, ‘No, you have to wrestle in this tournament--three or four matches.’ Is that right? And just, like, no! And, like, just going back on his word and saying, ‘it was the biggest tournament in Scotland’ and ‘We’ve got a video game. We want to sign you to a huge contract.’ ... It’s a bunch of bulls–t and a guy pretending to be Vince McMahon over in Scotland, essentially.”

Ryback then addressed the CM Punk $1 Million contract offer for the 128 Man Tournament, and why he believes that Punk turned it down.  "Yeah, (Hinkles) didn’t put in there that the contract is for seven years and 34 tournaments! Yeah, I don’t know. I think (Punk's) just happy. He’s probably jerking off that he is getting mentioned on the podcast right now.”

Ryback did suggest, though, that he might be willing to agree to a match with Punk in 5 Star Wrestling ... for the right price. "Sign me up! I want to be his first opponent over there. We can right all the wrongs. My only demand is one million and one dollars.”

You can listen to the full podcast at this link.

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