Ryback thinks big guys are punished in today's pro wrestling scene.

This week on episode four of Conversation with the Big Guy, Ryback’s podcast, he talked about an issue he had with booking and how certain guys are used. The former WWE talent said that bigger wrestlers were being punished for their size, which is a change in wrestling culture and booking.

“That is one thing that really bothers me with WWE. So, in the UFC, you have weight classes and you have them for a reason. You put Conor McGregor in the ring with Brock Lesnar, you know, that’s a huge difference. The whole illusion of wrestling is that it’s real, and now it is, I feel like one part of the psychology we have thrown out. Now, it’s like being bigger there is almost a punishment on certain levels with certain guys,” Ryback said.

He was angered specifically by how his friend and current WWE Superstar Sheamus is being used in the company today.

“Everyone has their opinion on Sheamus, but Sheamus works his ass off, and I like Sheamus, me and him talk occasionally. If he has ever been tired, I’ve never seen it, he just gives it his all. We always talk about how we never really got to have a real program on TV. You have guys out there, he’s a huge guy, and he’s violent and vicious, and I have worked with him, how many times and has never hurt me once, and have always enjoyed working with him. So, you have him go out there and it’s almost like, size doesn’t matter anymore, but it should, and that is one thing that really bothers me,” Ryback said.

According to his website, Ryback's next appearance will be Oct.1 at Big Lou's Toys and Collectibles in Culver City, California, for an autograph session.

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