Ryback Says John Cena Has Been 'Poison' To Wrestling

For his whole WWE career, Ryback says he was treated terribly by John Cena. In fact, The Big Guy thinks Big Match John has been "poison" to professional wrestling.

The exit of Ryback from WWE was not peaceful. In the months after his release he spelled out many personal grievances. He mostly had contention with CM Punk, Vince McMahon and Cena. On recent episode of his podcast, Conversation with The Big Guy, Ryback unleashed his true feelings about Cena. 

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"John's blocked on my Twitter. I blocked him, he's legit (blocked), I blocked him a long time (ago). He's been a piece of shit to me since Day One. And people, the guy, I was nothing but nice and respectful to him and I know Alex Riley just came out and (admitted he had issues with Cena) and when people hear what really happened with that, they're going to lose their shit. Like, and I know, I have a pretty good idea of what happened with that and the guys in WWE. And, one, it's f*cking hilarious. And, two, it's hilarious what people will find out about John. So he used to shit talk me when I was in the ring. ... You've got to remember, I came up with all these guys in developmental and I know everyone who's sitting backstage. No, John (used to talk trash), I used to be back there for John when Riley was in the ring, when the company was fucking with him because John was hot at him because of what happened and all this," said Ryback

Though he has criticized Cena before, this was the most personal criticism Ryback has had for Cena. Ryback would even go as far to say Cena is responsible for a degradation of professional wrestling. 

"John comes from that (belief that), 'well, we're going to push one guy down your fucking throats.' No, you push who the crowd is behind." Ryback added, "he has been poison to the [professional] wrestling industry. I told (podcast co-host Pat Buck) this before. We talked about this before. And again, this is my opinion, but I think I'm pretty accurate on this is I think he (has) done so much harm for so long to new talent to getting (over), breaking out, over there," said Ryback

Since leaving WWE, Ryback has primarily wrestled under the name The Big Guy. He won the WrestlePro tag team titles with his podcast co-host Pat Buck. Ryback even flirted with mixed-martial-arts

Ryback's podcast can be found at AudioBoom and FeedMeMore.com.

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