Ryback Says Nia Jax Shouldn't Have Criticized WWE, Remembers Wrestler Being Jobbed Out For It

Ryback is pretty familiar with being outspoken.

The former WWE PPV main eventer took to his podcast to speak out about Nia Jax's comments in regards to not being used on TV as much as she'd like.  Ryback also remembered former WWE talent Sakamoto being punished by the company for something he didn't even say. 

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"Everybody is frustrated there, from top to bottom. She’s been handed a lot early on, in my opinion. It’s very early on to make a comment like that, and when I saw that I totally understand it, like, if you are not on TV a couple of weeks is frustrating. With her character on TV, it’s not like they can just throw her in random. It could be a good TV that you're not on TV every week. If you’re being booked for live events, who the f-ck cares? You’re making money until they find something good for you, but when you go and make comments like that, there’s no good that comes out of that because it’s not like real sports where you control the outcome. It’s writers and Vince (McMahon) -- they control your character, and they can write her and job her out every week. She has to either go do it or not do it and get released, so she put herself in a real bad position by making comments like that on social media. It reminded me of that guy with Lord Tensai -- Sakamoto. I remember there was Japanese heat for another Japanese guy coming on the roster. Yoshi (Tatsu) had gone on social media and made a comment. If we were in UFC it’d be cool, you may have gotten yourself booked for a big fight and a big payday, but in pro wrestling you can’t go on there and say that. A week later he got Jobbed out on Raw. That is what it reminded me of because no good ever comes out of it, but she’s young, so it is what it is."

You can check out Ryback's podcast at this link. 

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