Ryback Says WWE Ruined Tyson Kidd, Calls Vince McMahon "Piece Of Sh-t"

Ryback blames Vince McMahon and WWE for Tyson Kidd's neck injury. 

Kidd was injured in a match with Samoa Joe in 2015. The broken neck would require extensive surgery and physical therapy. At the time, Ryback was in WWE and saw the interworking which led to Kidd's Injury. On his podcast Conversations with The Big Guy, he said he was amazed at the mental and physical shape of Kidd as he went through the process.  

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"He posted a picture of him and Nattie with his bicep vein just bulging out," said Ryback "the guy breaks his neck and his wrestling career is over and he has remained optimistic and positive throughout the entire thing. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure he's bitched and cussed and moaned and whined and cried. He has every right to do that, if he was doing that 24/7 nobody could knock him, but he's not. He's out, he's talking to the guys. I forget there's anything wrong with him when I see him," continued Ryback.

Ryback claims WWE is responsible for Tyson Kidd's injury but said he did not want to explain it all. He did have severely critical words for WWE's executives including Vince McMahon. 

"I'm not going to go into great detail about this but WWE should make sure 100% not only that he's taking care of for the rest of his life. I mean well beyond taken care of, they should be over backwards time and time again for him. This guy loved wrestling on another level and what they took away from him, and by the way for as long it took it for them to apologize, I'm going to personally say it right here on the podcast, 'fuck you Vince and fuck you Kevin' for not being men and apologizing to this human being that you ruined and Vince you are a piece of shit," said Ryback. 

Ryback left WWE in August of 2016 on tumultuous terms and has not been shy about his feelings since leaving. In the podcast, he and his co-host Pat Buck would discuss one of Ryback's food poisonings and Big Show's physique. 

His podcast can be found at Audioboom.com

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