Ryback Talks Catchphrase, Relationship With Wade Barrett

Ryback’s famous “Feed Me More” catchphrase actually came from his constant hunger.

It was revealed on the third episode of his podcast, Conversation with the Big Guy, how the former WWE Superstar coined the now popular phrase. While working at barbecue chain Smokey Bones, Ryback would frequently eat leftover food from his tables, as he was a server. The dishwashers at the restaurant began calling him “feed me more” because they would see him eating all the time.

"I just always remember them looking at me, laughing, and that was actually… I told you where 'feed me more' [came from], is one of them, they always, they just started calling me 'feed me more' because I was always f*****g eating. And I looked at them one day, and God, I don't remember who, and I just said, 'I'm going to use that someday because that is me,'" Ryback said.

On the same episode, Ryback talked about living in the same building as former WWE guy Wade Barrett, when Barrett was in developmental. At that time, the five time Intercontinental Champion Barrett didn’t take kindly to Ryback.

"Funny story about me and Wade is he thought I was like the biggest asshole ever. I was just so miserable and negative. And he was like a new hire and he was coming in. And we didn't have computers and we'd both have to use the computer in the office there. And it was like, 'hey, how are you doing?' 'Good. How are you?' 'Good.' And, like, that was it and it wasn't until years later, in FCW, when we kind of were getting ready in the same area and he realized I was nothing like [that]. I was just in a really low point in my life. And we became great friends,” Ryback said.

Ryback’s podcast, co-hosted by Pat Buck, drops every Monday.

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