Ryback On Triple H's Comments About Talent Requesting Releases On Social Media: He's Full Of S--t!

Ryback has some strong words for Triple H regarding why he feels talents like Mike Kanellis and Luke Harper request their releases via social media.

Speaking on his podcast, Ryback responded to the statement that Triple H made on the media call for NXT TakeOver: WarGames about not understanding why some talent chooses to air their grievances on social media instead of being what he considers to be more professional and discuss problems privately.

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Ryback immediately called shenanigans on the claim made by Triple H, citing instances of when he would personally try to talk to Triple H and not be able to.

"He's full of shit. I'm just going to call that fucking bullshit. They are the least professional motherfuckers on the planet and there's a reason why talent go and do that. It's because of how they treat human beings and their fucking bullshit policies and bullshit. I've seen Hunter avoid me," said Ryback. "I needed to have a meeting with him, he avoided me all fucking day overseas when I had to put over Kalisto in England. Vince wasn't at the arena. I had to wait all goddamn day. He did not want to have that meeting. And they lie to your fucking face and that's why the talent go. And then they fuck with their pay with the whole bullshit pay scale there, with the talent and if they book you to lose, literally your money goes down. It's fake, it makes no sense, the whole pay scale of that bullshit organization and they treat you differently from when you're getting pushed to win you're helping them make other talent which is just asinine and the entire environment is fucking bullshit."

Ryback would go on to say that he feels WWE is not a professional organization, rather they are a mom and pop organization that has grown far too big for its own good.

He continued, "I call bullshit to Paul all day long on that and he's full of shit. There's a reason... there's a problem from within when you have talent repeatedly going to social media because that's the only way they could fucking be heard and they don't want to be there they want you to fire them when they're going to social media. That's the bottom line on the situation. At the end of the day, it comes back to Hunter and Vince and how they fucking run that entire corporation. It is the worst environment in the world and anyone that says otherwise is full of shit straight up. That's on Paul. That's on Hunter. It is not professional, it has never been professional there. It is a mom and pop run organization. They're way too big for their own good. And that's the truth."

You can check out Ryback's podcast at this link.

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