Samoa Joe Loves Locking AJ Styles In The Coquina Clutch Because His Hair Smells So Good

Samoa Joe has choked out many foes with his signature coquina clutch.

He's locked everyone from Brock Lesnar to AJ Styles to Adam Cole in the hold, putting opponents to sleep whether it be in the ring or backstage.

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But who is his favorite opponent to lock in the hold?

" I'll say AJ [Styles] because AJ always has impeccably smelling conditioner in his hair," Joe told Ryan Satin on Out of Character. "It's always very pleasant for me. I get a little lavender, a little lilac with my pain and agony. It's a rare thing, you don't get that combination and you can't buy that in the street. It's a specialized and happy experience and I get to enjoy it every time I wrap my arms around AJ's neck. He's number one. You can't beat that. Sometimes, the shea butter, I'm not a big fan when he puts that in his hair, it doesn't have the same scent. When he goes lavender or when he goes to the body shop and gets the good stuff, trust me, it's a great night for me. When I'm driving home at night, I don't feel so bad about all the horrible things I did to the people I care about. It's part of the whole ecosystem that I live in."

When asked if he would take back one of his coquina clutches, Joe, of course, showed no remorse for his victims.

"No, that has never crossed my mind. Usually, I think of a lot of profound things, but that is never a thought that has crossed my mind, absolutely not. If you commit to wrapping your arms around another human being's neck and compressing that neck until oxygen or blood stops flowing to the brain, that's a big commitment. There's no half-stepping when it comes to that. Either you're strangling or you're not. You figure it out. These are all conscious decisions, pre-meditated, that I made as a responsible adult. Somewhat sociopathic, some would say, I don't think so, I just think it's me trying to express myself and how I live," he said.

Finally, Joe gave his most memorable coquina clutch.

"I usually blackout in an ecstasy-filled rage, so I don't remember many of them. Anytime I was putting Kurt [Angle] out, that was a special time, and any time I had Brock [Lesnar] locked up. I never quite got him out, but I got him purple. Not a lot of people can make that man purple. I'll take that," he said.

Joe's most recent victim was Adam Cole, who was choked out after provoking Joe backstage. He didn't wake up for a week.

Elsewhere during the interview, Joe stated he is looking to make an in-ring return. You can find his full comments by clicking here.

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