Samoa Joe Says Working With AJ Styles And Christopher Daniels Was Like Being On Autopilot

Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe heap praise onto two X-Division pioneers.

When Kurt Angle arrived at TNA in 2006, he immediately started a rivalry with Samoa Joe, resulting in a critically acclaimed match in November 2006 at TNA Genesis.

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Prior to the arrival of Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe had had a great match in September 2005 against AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels. The match, which was held at Unbreakable 2005, became one of the most raved about matches in the collective history of TNA and IMPACT Wrestling.

Asked to compare working with those two men as opposed to working with Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe stated on the most recent Kurt Angle Show podcast that Kurt Angle made wrestling more like carving the Mona Lisa, meticulous and beautiful, while AJ and Christopher Daniels provided such ease that it was like working on autopilot.

"[Daniels and AJ] way more than working with [Kurt Angle]. Let's just make this clear, it's an utter blowout win for the other two guys for one simple reason, with Kurt, I know I'm gonna sit down with Kurt -- it's carving the Mona Lisa. 'Listen, here's the deal. You got a chisel too and we're gonna meet somewhere in the middle it's gonna be awesome. You do your side...' So you really gotta work to meet his amount of effort. You got to be there with him, and it's a collaborative effort and Kurt's gonna make [suggestions], 'What do you think about this?' and it's gonna be meticulously gone over and we're gonna get it right. With Chris and AJ, they're brilliant. They come up with everything. I've worked them a million times, so I can just read what they do, so it was like it was autopilot. Anytime I'm in the ring with those guys, it's autopilot because I've literally worked them so many times. From an 'ease of profession' standpoint, those guys [over Kurt] by far and away. When you're with Kurt, you got to sit down and get your homework out. You know what you're doing."

Kurt angle agreed, "You know, AJ and Chris Daniels, you're right Joe. They come up with the best stuff and they're so easy to work. You don't even break a sweat when you work with them."

Joe concluded, "No you don't and you know that as well as I do. It's one of those rare qualities in guys where, you know, there's certain there's always gonna be certain unsung heroes in the world of wrestling. Bobby Eaton was one of them he's you know, I think he's kind of the epitome of that type of guy where there are just guys that you're in that ring with they're going to make everything you do look good effortlessly. They're just idea guys. They know how to approach a problem or they know how to pull the best out of you and, I mean, those are truly like you know special performers in both those guys they're definitely those kinds of performers."

Elsewhere on the same podcast, Joe spoke about another one of his early rivals, CM Punk. Learn what Joe had to say about CM Punk and why he knew he would return to wrestling at this link.

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