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Here's your fight size update for Tuesday, February 15, 2022:

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- During a new interview with Rick Ucchino, Santos Escobar explained what it would mean for him to become the NXT Champion:

You have to keep working every single day. I think you’re only as good as your last match. And this match should cement me, should cement and solidify the position I have. Not only on NXT, but in the company. When all eyes are on you, that’s when you have to shine. I’ve been giving great matches since I got here. But now I have all the eyes on me. And so, I’m gonna take advantage of that, make it mine, and seize the moment.”

This kid (Bron Breakker) is good. He’s more than good, but he’s not better than me. And I’m about to prove it this Tuesday. And when I do, then not just NXT who they already know, but everyone in the company will say, ‘Oh, this guy is the guy.’

- BetOnline.AG has updated betting odds for this Saturday's WWE Elimination Chamber event:

WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match Winner
Brock Lesnar 1/1

Bobby Lashley (c) 3/2
Seth Rollins 5/2
AJ Styles 6/1
Riddle 7/1
Austin Theory 25/1

WWE Universal Championship Match Winner
Roman Reigns (c) -1250 (2/25)
Goldberg +550 (11/2)

WWE Raw Women's Championship Match Winner
Becky Lynch (c) -1500 (1/15)
Lita +575 (23/4)

Women's Elimination Chamber Winner
Bianca Belair 1/2
Alexa Bliss 2/1
Rhea Ripley 3/1
Liv Morgan 7/1
Doudrop 10/1
Nikki A.S.H. 25/1

WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship Winner
The Usos (c) -500 (1/5)
The Viking Raiders +300 (3/1)

Tag Match Winner
Ronda Rousey & Naomi -300 (1/3)
Charlotte Flair & Sonya Deville +200 (2/1)

Singles Match Winner
Drew McIntyre -600 (1/6)
Madcap Moss +350 (7/2)

Singles Match Winner
Rey Mysterio -200 (1/2)
The Miz +150 (3/2)

- Speaking with Sports Illustrated, Lita revealed what it meant for her to eliminate Mickie James from the Royal Rumble.

I loved that moment. My last match was when she beat me. And no one takes my DDT like Mickie James. For us to touch and have that moment, it was great. And I connected with all these new faces that I’d always watched. It was amazing.

- Mike Tenay reacted to the passing of Mickie Jay on social media:

- Gabriel Kidd opens up about the importance of wrestling to him via his Instagram:

Sitting in my hotel room getting ready to fly back to LA in a few hours and I’m reflecting the past 3 weeks of my life. I want you to read what I’m saying before you judge me and start saying I’m arrogant or “who tf is this guy?!”

I’m not cocky. I’m not arrogant. I’m very confident because I know in my mind I have put in the work. That’s it. Ask anyone who knows me, I’m just a man who is passionate about professional wrestling and I have dedicated my life to this from a very young age. I have essentially been raised by the people I grew up around and those people taught me to play by the book, and so I did. For the last 13 years of my life I have put Professional Wrestling before everything. Family. Relationships. Friends. EVERYTHING. And I did it by the book, how I was told to. And what do I have to show for it? The answer being honest is: Nothing.

This tour for me was about showing the world who I am. I’ve held my tongue for 10 years and I’ve watched people who I know simply aren’t as good as me surpass me because THEY have no respect and THEY run their mouths online. So why should I sit here whilst Daniel Garcia and all these other guys are portraying themselves as the wrestler that I ACTUALLY AM. I spent 18 months of my life living in Japan washing my seniors laundry, cooking chanko & carrying bags, just to train with the best. Professional Wrestling isn’t my job, it’s simply who I am as a person.

So feel free to trash me. Feel free to tell me I’m a nobody. But don’t you DARE sit there behind a keyboard and tell me when I have pushed myself to my absolute mental and physical limit just to get noticed, to a point where I was stood on top of a building in Tokyo ready to take my own life that I am not a good professional wrestler because you’re straight up fucking wrong. This isn’t a job to me and this ain’t a wrestling promo. This is my life and no one on this planet can tell me shit, none of you can dictate my happiness.

This is the real me. Thoughts, feelings and emotions included. So if you don’t like it:
FUCK YOU. I don’t owe you anything.

Coming for what’s mine.

- Speaking with WrestlingInc, Swerve Strickland explained why he feels Cody Rhodes has earned the right to be more selective in his next steps, which may include a WWE return:

“I mean we’ve seen it before,” he said on talent returning to WWE. “We’ve seen it before with a Drew McIntyre, we’ve seen it before with a Bobby Lashley too, we’ve seen it with a Jericho many times. We have seen it with a lot of different talents over the years. Is it a shock with the timing? The timing, yes, I think it’s a shock. I thought he’d have had a bigger swan song for AEW, me personally.

“But, I think these past five years I think he’s earned it, me personally, I think he’s earned it. He’s sat out, did what he wanted to do, had a reality show, got on a big game show with a lot of eyes, made his connections, proved the internet wrong. Changed the narrative of him that we’ve seen for years, you know. He’s done a lot, so I think he’s doing what’s best for him, his career, and his family.”

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