Sarath Ton (Mikaze) Details The Gear-Making Process For Logan Paul Going Into WrestleMania 38

Mikaze, Sarath Ton, reflects on making Logan Paul's gear for WrestleMania 38.

Mikaze was very busy WrestleMania weekend from making gear for names like Seth Rollins and Sasha Banks to trying to create a look-alike thong for Party Boy of Jackass fame, Mikaze had a lot to do going into WrestleMania 38.

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Mikaze also made the gear for Logan Paul who was making his wrestling debut at the event. Logan had been open about wanting to really embrace the professional wrestling world and even provided sketches leading up to the event.

Speaking with Renee Paquette on The Sessions podcast, Mikaze reflected on the process of working with outside celebrities when they come in for a wrestling match as Logan Paul did and how it has to be an in-sync operation between the gear makers, the performer, and the performer's team of representatives so that their brand is best represented.

“You've gotta remember that some of these celebrities when they come in, they're coming in with a team,” said Mikaze. “You would think that one person is making the decision but they're catering to a brand. So you have a lot of moving parts, but what I will say is initially when we talked to Logan Paul, and we asked him what he had in mind he was like, ‘I want to go full-on wrestler.’ He wanted to match The Miz. So initially, we were going, ‘Oh, well you want to match The Miz? Okay,’ so we're doing Logan Paul’s version of The Miz. Trunks, kick pads, sparkly. Then, as things moved along with his team, and, just catering to that brand. It changed up and we ended up going with the long tights, which ultimately I thought looked awesome because it still felt like him.

“I don't know what conversations were had that went from Okay, let's go from trunks to long tights,” Mikaze added. "But ultimately, all these people are people that make the decisions for his brand and he trusts them. So far, if you look at it, his brand is growing exponentially. So obviously they're doing something right. So yeah, so you put trust in them. They put trust in us. I kid you not, he was walking around people when he posted that picture on stage and everybody gave it to me. They were like — that was crazy. They'd never expected him to look like that. He looked like a damn action hero. It was awesome.”

Mikaze also opened up about Logan Paul’s passion for the industry helping him understand how to better put together his gear.

“I remember seeing him like doing his segments at Raw and stuff like that. I'd be watching on the screen. Again I wasn't sure what to expect from Logan, but I'd see him do stuff in the ring. I'm like, ‘Oh, his facials are good.’ So then when it came back and he said he wanted to go full wrestling. I was like, ‘Alright, let's go! This kid is game. Let's do it. I'm not gonna make you look bad,’” he recalled.

Logan Paul further reflected on his time at WrestleMania on his own podcast, Impaulsive. Learn more here.

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