Scarlett Bordeaux Wasn't Medically Cleared To Wrestle At The End Of WWE Run, Manager Plans Scrapped

Scarlett Bordeaux discusses the plan WWE had for her.

Scarlett joined NXT in 2019 alongside Karrion Kross with the duo debuting in 2020. Scarlett served as Kross' manager during his time in NXT, but worked a dark match in June 2021 as Kross was called up to the main roster without her.

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Speaking to Renee Paquette on Oral Sessions, Scarlett discussed the plans WWE had for her and why they never came to fruition.

"I wasn't medically cleared yet," she said. "I was having matches before Raw and SmackDown because they wanted me to wrestle. After the second match, everything was going great, I get home and look in the mirror and I'm like, 'One of these doesn't look like the other.' [referencing her boobs]. The next day was NXT and I immediately go to medical and I'm like, 'Hey, I'm not sure if I'm going crazy or if they always looked like this. Maybe I'm just tired.' With the adrenaline from wrestling, you don't notice certain things hurt all the time, so I didn't think anything of it. I went to medical and they were like, 'Yes, one of your boobs is totally gone.' I was like, 'I can get the surgery and can manage and be ringside, that's no problem, I just can't wrestle right away.' The plan was, I guess for me to wrestle so they were like, 'When you're totally clear, you're gonna wrestle.' They scrapped all the managing stuff at that point and I was sitting at home for those last four months just waiting."

Later in the interview, Scarlett was asked if there were plans for her to manage Kross on the main roster.

"They had us doing Main Event and dark matches. I was joking with him the day I had to wrestle, 'what if the match is too good and they like it and want to separate us?' That was one of my fears. He was like, 'No, kill it, it'll be fine no matter.' The first match was really good and immediately when they saw it, I could wrestle," she said.

Scarlett then discussed her implant injury and was told that she probably shouldn't talk about it.

"(I wrestled) Shotzi Blackheart, both times. Nothing with the busted implant was her fault. I don't know what happened. I could have been just falling forward. People haven't talked about it as much how often it happens. Even when I went to the doctor, they're like, 'yeah, we've done a lot of the girls,' whoever has implants. It wasn't a big secret. I wasn't afraid to talk about it, but I was told, 'it's probably better if you don't tell anyone what happened. I'm not embarrassed by it," she commented.

Scarlett and Kross would be released on November 4 with Scarlett never appearing on the main roster alongside him.

The duo remain free agents, though Kross has landed a movie role. You can find more information by clicking here.

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