Scorpio Sky Feels There Are Too Many Flips In Wrestling, Wants To Pattern Himself After Bret Hart

Scorpio Sky looks to perfect his execution.

In the modern-day wrestling landscape, professional wrestlers are very acrobatic. Where it was once an anomaly to see two high-flying specialists compete against one another, nowadays that is the norm.

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Scorpio Sky is in a unique position in his career. While he is new to the global wrestling audience that has been exposed to him thanks to the creation of AEW, he is also a tenured veteran of the ring who understands the importance of slowing down during matches.

Speaking on the AEW Unrestricted podcast, Sky recounted his love for Bret Hart as a professional wrestler and says that he feels there are too many flips in wrestling today and he is looking to change his style to reflect more technical proficiency.

“[Bret Hart] wasn't the guy that got me into wrestling, because I was always a wrestling fan. I can't even remember when I started watching, I started watching it so young," said Sky. "He is definitely the first one that resonated with me and captured my imagination beyond anyone else. I was very young, maybe seven, eight, nine-years-old when I said, ‘Okay, I want to be like Bret Hart. I want to be Bret Hart’ I remember walking to school and doing the Bret Hart walk and then I'd walk past bushes that had to leave that would stick out and I would slap the leaves like Bret Hart slapping hands with the fans like I'm walking to the ring. People probably thought I was weird.

“I was such a fan. Still, I go back and I will still watch his matches. I watch a lot of old wrestling and a lot of it is Bret Hart because he was so -- everything he did was so precise. They called him the ‘Excellence of Execution’ for a reason. His execution on everything was so crisp and so sharp. He didn't do a lot and that's kind of where my style is coming from these days. I don't do the flips and the high-flying things that I used to. I'm more technically-based.

He continued, “Bret Hart can hit someone with a European Uppercut and it looks so good that it's just like, ‘I don't really need to see him flip over the top rope, I just want to see him hit people with forearms.’ I love that hard-hitting, technical style. I wish that would come back into more popularity in wrestling. That hard-hitting, technical style where it's two guys and it feels like a fight. He tends to be a little too much like, flipping around stuff nowadays that I'm not crazy about. It's cool but I always just try to be different and Bret is a guy That I always can look back at and say, ‘what's something that Brey does that I can steal and use myself?’”

Currently, Scorpio is not a part of the tag team portion of SCU. Even though he and Frankie Kazarian were the first Tag Team Champions in AEW, Frankie is currently once again teaming with Christopher Daniels and they have vowed that should they lose another match, they will never team again.

Tully Blanchard recently revealed that Shawn Spears, a former rival of Scorpio Sky is also looking to change his style to be more old school. Learn more about that at this link.

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