Scott D'Amore Says Agreement Couldn't Be Made For World Of Sport Revival

Whatever happened to the World of Sport project?

Its future is very uncertain, Scott D'Amore said in an interview with The Mirror. They wanted to work something out that everyone could get into, but ultimately things did not fall together like they should. He hopes that the deal isn't dead, but from the looks of things, it isn't happening anytime soon:

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I think ultimately there wasn't an agreement that everybody was comfortable with, on all sides. It's unfortunate. I can wholeheartedly say it broke my heart because one of the things I was super-excited about was the prospect of being part of the relaunch of World of Sport, because I watched it when I was younger. I first went over to the UK in 1996, I was over there doing holiday camps and such, and spent time in Germany too. World of Sport is such a big part of not just UK wrestling history, but wrestling history in general. It's a 'who's who' of talent, superstars worldwide, over a long period of time.

I was excited about that. I have family from England so I have at least a surface level understanding of the cultural significance of World of Sport too. I was super-excited to be part of it and my hope is that sometimes, a deal is not dead. It's just not the right time. If things fall together and ITV is looking to do World of Sport and there is a way we can be part of bringing such a wrestling and culturally significant brand back, then I would jump at the opportunity, if we can dot all the Is and cross all the Ts and make it an arrangement that works for everybody. I think it would be a fantastic project. 

One rumor in the last few months was that WWE had also pitched to ITV an idea to create a show based on their own stars from the UK. There's been no traction in that story either, however, so for right now neither Impact or WWE have any television projects going on in the region. 

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