Scott D'Amore Says TNA Wrestling Won't Bring Back Six-Sided Ring, Wrestler Safety Comes First

The four-sided ring will remain.

With the return of TNA Wrestling in January 2024, many fans have wondered if the six-sided ring, which was a staple from 2004 to 2010 in the company.

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Scott D'Amore was adamant that the six-sided ring won't be back, citing wrestler safety.

"The six-sided ring question comes up all the time, I get it, I was in the ring when the six-sided ring was brought in. I know it has its supporters. The fact is, at the end of the day, almost to a person, the athletes that have performed in the six-sided ring don't prefer it. They say it's harder on the body, it creates more injury, and more than injury, it creates more wear and tear on the body. Doing it night after night is harder on the body. We're happy to have conversations about how to make the product look the best, but one of the things, unwaveringly, that we're not willing to negotiate on or compromise is the athlete's health and safety. We're going to be a four-sided ring. I know that disappoints a lot of people, but my respectful and honest question to that is, 'do you really love the six-sided ring more than you love ensuring the health and safety of the men and women who get in the ring and put their health on the line? Do you want to make a more dangerous situation for them?' It's wrestling, never say never, there could be changes in the future. It's a simple one for us, athlete safety is number one, so we have four sides. Take that off the table and anything else is possible," he said during a media call.

Though the six-sided ring won't return, D'Amore did say production changes will occur.

"I know the fans have been waiting for a new set, and some have been waiting very patiently and some have been waiting a little less patiently than others, and it all comes from a point of passion. We're hard at work designing a new look and new feel for TNA to both honor our history but also to be forward thinking and forward moving," he stated.

The rebrand back to TNA Wrestling becomes official at TNA Hard To Kill. Fans can learn more by clicking here.

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