Scott D'Amore talks issues in WWE.

Fans who watched WWE Hell in a Cell were left disappointed by ending, which saw the Hell in a Cell bout between Seth Rollins and "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt end in a match stoppage due to Rollins using a sledgehammer on Wyatt. The ending led to chants of "AEW" and "refund." The finish was the talk of the wrestling after it happened, with many weighing in on what went wrong.

In an interview with Forbes, IMPACT co-executive vice president Scott D'Amore gave his thoughts on the finish and the mindset behind it.

“You’ve gotta know when to lead and when to follow as that goes, and just try to do things that don't insult the fan’s intelligence,” said D’Amore. “I think this company (IMPACT Wrestling), unfortunately in regimes past, had a tendency to do that and it is easy to sort of fall off the track as you saw [at WWE Hell in a Cell]. You know, it's easy to have an old man that's out of touch go ‘yeah, yeah it'll be fine, it'll be fine...’ because it's always fine. That's how it works there. It's like, ‘it'll be fine—yeah, they complain, but they'll never stop watching.’”

Former WWE and current IMPACT commentator Josh Matthews also weighed in, discussing how WWE can change the rules at a moment's notice.

"It's just not fair to just change the rules completely, right? Like, that used to happen to me on a nightly basis during the show. Sometimes things happen and sometimes they don't. It's like watching this football game (points to the large TV screen as the New England Patriots were pummeling the overmatched New York Giants on Thursday Night Football), and if they get to the five-yard line the referee said that’s a touchdown," he said.

WWE booked a rematch between "The Fiend" and Rollins at WWE Crown Jewel in a Falls Count Anywhere match that could not be stopped for any reason. "The Fiend" picked up the victory, becoming the new WWE Universal Champion.

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