Scott Hall Enjoys Helping WWE Performance Center Wrestlers

Scott Hall enjoys giving back to WWE recruits.

This month, Scott Hall was in Orlando, Florida working with the recruits at the WWE Performance Center and in a video on Hall spoke about the experiences with the wrestlers like Babatunde.

"I'm so glad to be back. This is my third time down here working with the young guys," said Hall "I just had the pleasure of watching a match. Babatunde asked me to watch a match with him and it was so fun. I was able to make a few suggestions and he's looking at me like 'man, you're a genius.' I'm going 'thank you, but I've been around a long time and also a lot of guys helped me.' It's so fun to be here and in a situation where I can give back," he continued.

Scott Hall worked for the two biggest companies in professional wrestling in his heyday, earned many Championships, wrestled at WrestleMania, and earned one of the biggest contracts at the time. He was last seen in WWE at the 25th Anniversary of Raw.

The full video of Hall is available at

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