Scott Hall Remembers Missing 1-2-3 Kid's Moonsault When He Was Supposed To Catch Him

Scott Hall and Sean Waltman have a storied history with each other -- from great matches against Diesel & Shawn Michaels, to their famous upset angle that saw 1-2-3 Kid gaining a huge win.

On a recent episode of the X-Pac 12360 Podcast, Hall looked back on how the feud was presented on WWE TV in recent years.

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"People of a certain age are aware that we did the first ever angle on RAW ever, when you beat Razor. It was an iconic moment on RAW. By the way, they showed it on RAW that you beat me. They don't show me dominating you," said Hall.

One of the less fondly remembered moments involved a rematch, which saw Waltman get knocked loopy after a missed moonsault on the floor.

"I had the luxury to talk to 'Coyote,' Mike Chioda the referee "Is he up there?" You know, I'm selling the miss pose, I turn around and ask "If he's ready (X-Pac)" he said yeah. I turned, you beat me. Now I'm on the floor, the ref is in the ring counting, So, I don't have any more to ask or unless I could have asked somebody in the front row (laughs) is he ready? But I turned too fast cause I thought, this young guy is so nervous waiting for me. It was my fault, and I told you (Sean) about this before, I turned too soon then you saw me turning, you tried to hurry up so I wouldn't look too stupid for standing there, and you slipped. You (Sean) hit that concrete bro & you were out. Your eyes rolled back, I look at Vince &  he looked down. Now, watching the commentary back he (Vince) was blowing me off, he was commentating. I rolled you in the ring, I look at Vince and went f' it, pin him," said Hall.

You can hear the full podcast at this link.

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