Scott Hall Says NXT Is The Hottest Show Right Now, Raw Is Too Long

Scott Hall thinks what many people online would say: Raw is too long, NXT is hot.

Hall recently spoke to CCW Podcast where he discussed Triple H's rise to being one of the major creative forces behind developing new talent:

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"Well, he runs NXT completely, Triple H" Hall said. "And to me, it's the hottest show out there and I think a big factor is… it is, I think, a big factor is because it's one hour and SmackDown gets better ratings because it's two hours."

When talking about Raw, he says three hours is too long, but at this point they can't really go back:

 I mean, three hours of RAW is hard to watch and I love pro wrestling" Hall said. "When business is red-hot and stuff, that's great, but you're giving away a pay-per-view every week and coming up with three hours of good TV starts to get hard. And, like, now the position that WWE is in is that because it's a publicly traded company and it's not a family business and they sell commercial time even if the show's not that good, you're still generating revenue off of those commercials, so they can't [return to a two hour format]. I think if it was up to Paul, he would go back to one-hour TV because it leaves you wanting more. But, I mean, things are what they are."

Raw has been three hours on a permanent basis since 2012. Despite lower ratings, WWE and the USA Network have continued to keep this format.

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