Sean Raw Sapp (2/20): Podcast Notes, Great Owens Promo, BRAUN HARAMBE vs. Big Show

Opening segment

  • Kevin Owens is in the dark-lit ring in a suit, and cuts a fantastic promo on Goldberg.
  • Kevin Owens bragging that his cardio is better than Goldberg's is both hilarious and accurate.
  • KO says that Goldberg likes to scream "you're next," but tells Goldberg "you're nothing" and refuses to address Chris Jericho. 
  • That promo was something special. From production to delivery to writing. It was incredible.
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Top contender's match
Enzo and Cass defeat Sheamus and Cesaro

  • For all the in-ring faults Enzo has, he and Cass have some nice tandem offense that fits them. 
  • Cesaro kills Enzo with a really pretty ringside running uppercut.
  • For all the losses Enzo and Cass have, it's been consistent with their booking. They've never been a great team, just great personalities. This was a big one for them.
  • Big Cass has a few moves established now. Big Elbow, East River Crossing, Big Boot. 
  • Sheamus attacks Enzo after with a stiff Brogue Kick. Some "thank you Sheamus" chants.
  • Cancel New Day hosting Mania. Heel Enzo/Cass vs. Face New Day

Backstage crappenings

  • Kevin Owens has a nice little interaction with Mick Foley that helps further this awesome situation.
  • Roman Reigns is in the back with a man bun. Now just get him new music and gear. He's going to find a partner to face Gallows and Anderson tonight.
  • Gallows and Anderson have GREAT shirts. 
  • Tozawa and Brian Kendrick were supposed to have a match, which I suspected was a little too big for Raw, but Kendrick attacked Tozawa and applied the Captain's Hook.
  • WWE showed a great George Steele video that featured Kevin Hart and David Arquette sharing memories.
  • Sami Zayn cuts a good promo about how he called the KO/Jericho split five months ago, because he knows Kevin Owens.
  • Stephanie McMahon is backstage running down Mick Foley, who says Rollins is on the shelf for another WrestleMania. Foley is standing up for himself. 

Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows defeated Roman Reigns via DQ

  • Didn't Foley tell Reigns to find a partner? Did I miss him saying "The Big Dog rummages through trash cans on his lonely" or something?
  • Anderson and Gallows put a clubberin' on Reigns and stop for some reason. 
  • Reigns cracks Gallows with a chair and he gets DQ'd.
  • I don't see any problem with how the two handicap matches have played out, honestly.
  • Anderson comes off the top and gets hit with an all-time great spear. Go watch this if you haven't.

New Day (w/ Xavier Woods) defeated Rusev & Jinder Mahal (w/ Lana)

  • New Day's promo went way, way, way too long. Lana has their ice cream plans, and Big E speculates that she hacked them because she's a Russian.
  • They're making light of Jinder's insane physique.
  • Xavier steals Lana's ipad and destroys it. Kind of cute.
  • Kofi does a "fuck it, I'm not wrestling at Mania anyway" dive to the outside. New Day win. That was fun.

Contract signing

  • Austin Aries is good, per usual.
  • This really showcased Jack Gallagher's personality, and the stark contrast to that of Neville.
  • Gallagher cuts a nice promo, Neville gets pissed and turns the table over. The two have a good, quick brawl and Gallagher threatens with an Umbrella. Pretty good segment.

Nia Jax kills a jobber

  • Self explanatory. Sure, why not?
  • Stop having heels re-ask the question they were just asked.

Bayley Promo

  • Byron Saxton makes me hate Bayley. And I really like Bayley.
  • Bayley is really natural here, talking about stuff she actually cares about and relates to.
  • I almost wondered if Bayley would do the noble thing and give up her title. 
  • Stephanie McMahon interrupts, and for some reason hates Bayley. Sasha joins too.
  • Stephanie is good here. Whoever wrote for Sasha is not.
  • Charlotte joins, too. This ends up being a pretty good segment. Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte is up next! Nice!

Sasha Banks defeated Charlotte

  • Charlotte landed a sick knee drop smash to Sasha. I loved that move.
  • These two have great chemistry. Water is wet.
  • Dana Brooke tries to run in, but gets hilariously laid out by Bayley. 
  • Sasha Banks gets the submission win. Normally I'd have a problem with all the 50/50 booking, but that's literally the story of the division.

Kevin Owens defeated Sami Zayn

  • Kevin Owens was supposed to face Sami Zayn, but Samoa Joe attacked him. Owens looked on and laughed, and I'm very interested in this Triple H-led stable. 
  • Sami Zayn sells Owens' corner clotheslines like a GOD.
  • Owens wins a quick, dominant match because Zayn insisted the match happened.
  • Would have liked to see Owens steal a Goldberg move.

Brock Lesnar interview

  • Lesnar is interviewed in a backstage setting, which is probably best for him.
  • Heyman is talking, then Lesnar steals Cole's chair, turns it around, and stares into the camera. Elliot Stabler style.
  • Basically Lesnar wants Goldberg to win at WWE Fastlane

Braun Strowman defeated Big Show

  • Pretty nice to see Big Show getting "this is awesome" chants for a face off a year after getting "please retire" chants.
  • Big Show is in insane shape!
  • Braun Strowman does a kip up and the crowd goes nuts.
  • Now you have to add a DDT to Braun Strowman's WWE 2K17 move set.
  • Big Show out there making Strowman look like a million bucks bumping for him.
  • They tease a ring break spot, but Strowman gets caught with a KO punch. He kicks out!!
  • Big Show kicks out of the powerslam!!!! It's REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL
  • Strowman hits another and wins! 
  • Reigns is a real dick, attacking Strowman after that match. 
  • Strowman dropkicks the living shit out of Reigns!! 
  • I thought this was a really fun show.
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