Sean Raw Sapp (3/27): Podcast Notes, Mania Go Home Show, Taker, Goldberg, Lesnar

Bayley & Sasha Banks defeated Charlotte & Nia Jax

  • I'll just say this promo is bad. Bayley yells a lot of words, and Sasha is more natural, but fumbles hers. Ah boy.
  • Nia Jax's selling is comical.
  • Bayley's rope hung Twist of Fate looks bad. She should stop doing it.
  • There's a cool sequence where everyone hits big moves and Bayley wins.
  • Jax attacks after the match and leaves everyone laid out. This accomplished what it was supposed to, but unfortunately, the crowd didn't want it in this spot until the very end.
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Backstage Crappenings.

  • Sami Zayn says he misses Mick Foley. He wants in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, but Stephanie says he has to beat Kevin Owens in a No DQ match tonight to get in.
  • I love that Owens/Zayn is always the go-to. I've seen a lot worse for filler on Raw, that's for sure.
  • Anderson and Gallows attack Sheasaro with a ladder. Uh oh. This finna be a ladder match.
  • There are some awesome video packages on this show.


Austin Aries defeated Noam Dar (w/ Alicia Fox)

  • What kind of janky ass dork music did they give Noam Dar?
  • As I mentioned in the notes last week, Austin Aries isn't getting quick matches because they want him to work the ring rust off after being out for nearly five months.
  • Neville was solid on commentary.
  • I love the Discus Fivearm, but hate the name.


  • Triple H makes Rollins sit down to sign the contract, and runs the fans down.
  • HHH uses a clever "one legged man in an ass kicking contest"
  • They've been adding subtle apologies to the Shield from Rollins in these promos.
  • Rollins is outstanding here. He says he gave up everything he was to stand next to Triple H, and for nothing. 
  • HHH attacks Rollins, Rollins counters and eventually sends HHH from the ring.

Over the top rope challenge

  • Hardbody Mahal and Bo Dallas both get eliminated by Big Show. Then the Shining Stars.
  • Have they ever done a match like this before? Like a Royal Rumble/Battle Royal hybrid.
  • Axel, Goldust, R-Truth and all tof the people mentioned chuck out Show, but then he beats up everyone.
  • Braun Strowman wants in this match. It's lit.

Neville defeated Jack Gallagher

  • I hate this purple ropes shit. 
  • Neville slugs Gallagher with a sick German suplex.
  • Gallagher's headbutt -- also sick.
  • Neville connects with a superplex, then Rings of Saturn.
  • Aries is in the back dancing with New Day, saying he's gonna win the title. Well.

Who's yard is it anyway?

  • Roman Reigns REALLY soaks up the boos as he says he doesn't care about Undertaker, or his yard. It's his now.
  • Undertaker shows up on the screen and says the Roman Empire will fall.
  • The lights go out, Taker is in the ring.
  • Taker's weave on point

Ladders, say whut?!

  • Enzo and Cass with a super timely, decade old practice reference
  • Sheasaro attack with Ladders! We got ourselves a ladder match playa. 
  • Graves laughing at Enzo is the best.

Sami Zayn defeated Kevin Owens

  • These two guys never miss a beat together.
  • Zayn awkwardly lands on Owens' arm after a flip off the stage.
  • Zayn is throwing everything he has at Owens.
  • This match is as great as you'd expect.
  • The announcers acting like Zayn's career is over if he loses is weird.
  • Joe comes down to the ring, but Jericho attacks him with a chair to a huge pop.
  • Sami Zayn wins! He's in the match!
  • Jericho beats down Owens with a chair and adds him to the list. 

Goldberg and Lesnar! 

  • Paul Heyman cuts the usual great promo about what Brock will do to Goldberg. He says Lesnar NEEDS the title.
  • Heyman reading the Kiddish because Goldberg is Jewish.
  • Goldberg comes out and spears Lesnar with the quickness. Lesnar makes him look like a million bucks.
  • That's Raw.
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