Sean Raw Sapp (4/24): Podcast Notes, DUMPSTER MATCH!

The Highlight Reel

  • Kansas City crowd is live for Jericho, who says it's the last Highlight Reel on Raw.
  • Miz comes out and cancels The Highlight Reel in favor of Miz TV.
  • A crew comes and assembles the Miz TV set, but Dean Ambrose interrupts and makes it Ambrose Asylum.
  • Ambrose's character is that obnoxious friend everyone has that gets left out of adult activities. 
  • Ambrose gives Jericho a hilarious light up jacket. He tells Jericho to "try it on, maaaaaaaaaan."
  • Dirty Deeds to Miz. Maryse gets put on the list. 
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Matt Hardy (w/ Jeff Hardy) defeated Sheamus (w/ Cesaro)

  • I've liked WWE's method of giving one of the brother's the week off each of the last two. Strategic.
  • The White Noise tease to the apron, only to see a Side Effect was cool.
  • Who is coaching these second color commentators to say "TRUST ME!" after making a point?
  • Matt is still adding little "broken" nuances to his matches.
  • Matt is now doing an elbow drop from the second rope instead of the leg drop.
  • Hardy got some monster air on that bulldog.
  • Sheamus just killed Matt Hardy with a knee that Hardy sold the hell out of.
  • Twist of Fate for Matt after Sheamus gets distracted by Jeff. 

Backstage crappenings

  • Kurt Angle and the Miz are yukking it up. Angle is NOT six feet tall. Not sure what this motion was about. He has to find a partner to face Jericho & Ambrose. He's turned down by Cesaro, Sheamus, Axel and Slater. He brags to Angle, while the Drifter drifts around.
  • We're told Orton/Wyatt will start out in the house of horrors, but end up in the arena. Wyatt cuts a SPOOKY PROMO.
  • Samoa Joe, Anderson and Gallows cut a contrived promo, but Anderson calls Enzo a butt nugget. 
  • Ambrose and Jericho have a funny interaction backstage, and Jericho reluctantly got removed from the list only to sneak and put him back on. Jericho killed Mitch back in the day


Austin Aries & Jack Gallagher defeated TJP & Neville

  • I like the way they started this match -- unlike other cruiserweight matches we see on Raw.
  • Gallagher sent TJP cannonballing into Neville. 
  • This was solid. 

Dumpster Match

  • Ah, they're having Strowman do the "each and every one of you" promo.
  • Kalisto stole Drago's mask and cut the best promo of his life.
  • Strowman threw Kalisto all the way across the ring with a front suplex.
  • There was an awesome tease reminiscent of the Rumble 2004 finish.
  • People thought that 12 year old girl facing the 24 year old in Japanese MMA was bad, but no outrage over Strowman vs. Kalisto!?
  • Kalisto dropkicks Strowman into the Dumpster.
  • THEN KALISTO DIES. Strowman chokeslams the shit out of him and throws him in the dumpster.
  • Hope they have a booster seat and a seat belt for Kalisto in there. HE GOES FOR A RIDE.
  • Horrible angle of the throw, that's on the production team.

Dana Brooke defeated Alicia Fox

  • Dana Brooke wins. This short, otherwise pointless match had a couple of stories in relation to it.
  • Dana Brooke's last singles win on Raw was in October. Horrible finish.
  • Emma comes in and hugs an uncomfortable Dana.

Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, Big Cass defeated Samoa Joe, Anderson & Gallows

  • Gallows and Anderson attack Cass and Enzo before their match. Balor is announced as Enzo's replacement.
  • They should explain why Finn is fighting his buddies, and why he's a heavyweight. 
  • There has to be some sort of memo to do suicide dives on at least two people, and that's good.
  • That new Rollins finisher is doody. The DDT he used before the Curb Stomp was better too

Sasha Banks defeated Alexa Bliss via countout

  • Alexa Bliss is the best say what?
  • The Bayley promos are old. Stop.
  • Sasha Banks comes out to shut Alexa up. Alexa is so far ahead on the mic.
  • They have a short match and Alexa gets herself counted out.
  • Bayley is much better on commentary than promos. She tries to throw Alexa back in the ring, but Alexa escapes, only to attack her.
  • Back in MYYYYY day, go-home shows were good.

Apollo Crews defeated Curt Hawkins

  • This is the 35th Apollo Crews vs. Curt Hawkins match in 7 months. No, really.
  • Hawkins has a sweet back suplex.
  • Toss Powerbomb. Win.
  • Titus O'Neil comes out afterwards and takes a selfie with Apollo. I'm liking this.
  • They should make Hawkins and Ryder grow their hair out like Styles and be his cronies.
  • This is the best use of Titus.

Miz & Partner vs. Ambrose & Y2J

  • Miz says his partner isn't here.
  • Miz's zipper is huge. His leg gets beat to shit pretty quickly. 
  • Wyatt is the partner, for some reason that doesn't make sense.
  • He hits Miz with Sister Abigail too.
  • What a shit Raw
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