Sean Raw Sapp (6/4): Match Ratings, Podcast Notes, Analysis From WWE Raw

Opening segment

  • Bray Wyatt opens with a hot crowd, and Reigns interrupts. This is becoming another pet peeve cliche.
  • Reigns with a good, short, to the point promo and a punch to the mouth to start a match.
Kofi Kingston Defeats Bobby Lashley In Non-Title Match On 5/17 WWE Raw

Roman Reigns defeated Bray Wyatt

  • I can't remember the last singles match with Bray Wyatt I've seen that blows me away. 
  • This one spans two commercial breaks -- not good for a Wyatt match. 
  • I loved the lighting in the arena as they came back from commercial.
  • Reigns' corner clotheslines should be called the ONE MAN YETI, because it looks like Ron Reis dry humping Hulk Hogan.
  • This really isn't my cup of tea, but the crowd is rocking so that really doesn't matter.
  • This takes up the first 32 minutes of the show.

Backstage Crappenings

  • Enzo and Cass interview. Standard storyline progression, and Enzo trashes Corey Graves. Later we see Big Cass knocked out.
  • Angle shoots down Alexa Bliss' "This Is My Life" idea. Great stuff. Later, she tries to get other girls on her side.
  • Why does TJP get put in all these promos? He wants his shittle tot against Neville. 
  • Kurt Angle comes to get Corey Graves to ask him something in the middle of the show.
  • I do not enjoy the R-Truth promos. 

Drifter, Ambrose, Miz

  • The Drifter performs. He's this unique case of a guy doing nothing in NXT, and already achieving more since his callup.
  • Dean Ambrose attacks Drifter and calls out Miz.
  • Samson gains revenge when Ambrose is distracted by the Titan Tron.
  • Angle is backstage and says that Ambrose will get his rematch down the line.

Samoa Joe promo

  • Obligatory YOU SEE in Joe's promo. 
  • Joe had to say "Great Balls Of Fire."
  • Joe wants Paul Heyman as his advocate and wants the Universal Title.
  • Heyman comes out and puts Joe over pretty well.
  • Samoa Joe is disappointed in Heyman, and says he's going to choke him out. 
  • He's a man of his word.
  • Backstage he runs into Rollins. They'll have a match tonight.
  • Later, Paul Heyman talks to Brock on the phone. He'll be there next week.

Sheamus and Cesaro defeated Heath Slater and Rhyno

  • Squash match.
  • Sheamus and Cesaro cut a condescending promo about the Hardy Boyz after.

TJP defeated Mustafa Ali

  • I feel like there's a mandate for one chinlock per cruiserweight match.
  • This goes a few minutes, TJP wins.
  • Neville comes out and says Angle isn't giving TJP a title shot. 
  • TJP says he's going to talk to Angle, but Neville attacks.

Kalisto defeated Titus O'Neil (w/ Apollo Crews) 

  • Akira Tozawa is watching tonight, Titus is trying to recruit him. 
  • Kalisto holds the tights and beats Titus.

Miz Championship Celebration

  • The return of Maryse's old theme!
  • Miz heels the "you deserve it" chant well.
  • Who the shit ribbed Miz with "Dancing Bear." Google it. Go ahead.
  • Miz beats up the bear.
  • A giant, tall gift is brought out. Miz attacks it hilariously.
  • It's actually a gift that Maryse got him -- A grandfather clock, because he's timeless. She's mad and runs off. 
  • No, don't blame Ambrose. Blame anyone but Ambrose, please. 
  • Ambrose is a cameraman. He attacks. I'm done with this feud, but this was an A+ segment.

Enzo Amore & Big Show defeated Gallows & Anderson

  • The Big Show gets a great ovation as Enzo's mystery partner.
  • We get happy jokey Big Show, before he dominates both opponents.
  • This crowd is GREAT.
  • We get a modified Badaboom Shakalaka.
  • Cass insinuates backstage that Big Show has been attacking them. Show says he's a Giant. He doesn't have to sneak anywhere.
  • This has been an outstanding storyline. 

Raw Women's Championship
Alexa Bliss (c) defeated Nia Jax via DQ

  • Graves puts over that Alexa competed in a Kendo Stick match last night. She didn't even get hit.
  • Mickie James and Dana Brooke are ringside. Alexa attacks Mickie and Dana to get DQ'd. Nia kills em' all while Alexa escapes. 

Samoa Joe defeated Seth Rollins

  • No matter how good this is, I'll still wonder "why?" What is the motivation of the two guys in the ring? Joe has a title match. Why does he care about this?
  • Falcon Arrow on Joe? Damn. 
  • Ah. The random Wyatt graphic that doesn't make any sense. ok. Rollins called Wyatt a false prophet earlier.
  • Joe wins.
  • Great angles, not great wrestling on this show.
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