Sean Raw Sapp (7/10): Match Ratings, Podcast Notes, Analysis

Big Cass

  • I usually hate wrestlers throwing to videos -- and now still photos -- but it worked for Cass.
  • I lol'd at WWE cutting to kids chanting "Cass-hole."
  • He says he's going to main event Mania.
  • Cass seems like he's trying to convince himself he's a top guy instead of the crowd. Maybe that's his deal. 
  • Big Show comes out and headbutts Cass. Show really roughs up Cass.
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Finn Balor defeated Elias Samson

  • The Drifter had some nice heat before this match.
  • It was a fine, fundamentally sound match, and Balor is over.
  • He meets the Hardy Boyz on the ramp. Interested to see where that one goes.


Anderson & Gallows defeated Hardy Boyz

  • Jeff Hardy drops an obsolete line on Raw. For the record, Jeff Hardy can use the obsolete line because it's from a song he wrote years ago. Matt slips in a "broken" line as well when Anderson and Gallows come out and talk trash. 
  • This is another decent match, and a good spot to get a win over the Hardy Boyz. The Hardys have a built in excuse already.
  • The Revival show up for some reason and pick the bones. That doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Ok. 

Miz TV

  • The Mizzy Awards are tonight. Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas win. Axel's hair is hilarious.
  • Maryse wins one too. I'll take any excuse to hear her theme.
  • The Miz swerved us and made us think Dean Ambrose snuck his name into a Mizzy envelope. 
  • Miz trashes Rollins, Tozawa and Hardys for losing. Ambrose comes out and gets beaten up. Rollins helps.
  • Ambrose and Rollins argue backstage and Ambrose says he's not allowing a Shield reunion.

Bayley & Sasha Banks defeated Nia Jax & Alexa Bliss

  • Bliss and Nia worked like a real team.
  • Cole is still ~WEIRDED OUT~ by Alexa's arm.
  • Bayley sneaks a win on Alexa Bliss. 

Goldust defeated R-Truth

  • R-Truth still throws great strikes.
  • I hate the ten punch spot. So lame. 
  • Not a peep in the early going of this match.  
  • Truth starts laying it in. I think he got some extra rotation on his elbow.
  • Goldust wins. Fun fact: Goldust's finish (delivered by someone else) was the most painful I ever took. Go figure.
  • Zero heat for this match

Kurt Angle, Lesnar, Reigns

  • Angle has ideas for Lesnar's Summerslam opponent, but Brock isn't there for a creative meeting.
  • Reigns comes out and says he did Angle a favor because he didn't know how to deal with Braun Strowman, and Brock isn't around to. 
  • Brock Lesnar dropped a "shit" bomb. 
  • Samoa Joe comes out to a huge pop. Lesnar says he kicked his ass. Big pop. Joe says he'll choke him out. Bigger pop. 
  • This was natural and fun and got over. Joe vs. Roman next week for a title shot!
  • Later on, we get more interaction between Angle and Corey Graves. I'm still on the edge of my seat over this one. They have to pay it off well. 

Akira Tozawa & Cedric Alexander (w/ Titus O'Neil) defeated Noam Dar and Neville (w/ Alicia Fox)

  • All of these guys are good at what they do. What Dar does is selling an ass kicking. It works.
  • The dynamic of Alicia Fox and Titus O'Neil was good. Alicia Fox says Cedric has a booger. 
  • Neville gets some poetic justice on his great balls.
  • Cedric vs. Dar in an I Quit match tomorrow on 205 Live. Interesting addition. I like it.'

Bray Wyatt defeated Seth Rollins

  • I'll bet Kony would do suicide dives and front dropkicks if he were a wrestler.
  • Bray destroys Seth with a DDT.
  • These guys overdelivered on PPV and were put in a tough spot to make people care.
  • Bray Wyatt goes right back to the eye and gets the win. It beats 50/50 booking. 
  • The Miztourage attacks after the match, but Ambrose saves Rollins. Ambrose so badly needs something else.


  • Kurt Angle says someone is coming to "tell the whole world with him." And that he loves them. Shit. It's gonna be Stephanie.
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