Sean Raw Sapp (7/24): Emma Squashed, Shield 0.66, Jason Jordan, HOSS BATTLE!

Opening Segment

  • Kurt Angle looks jovial, and sells it so well.
  • Braun, then Samoa Joe are in the ring and have to shoehorn in Great Balls of Fire references. Dammit. 
  • Roman Reigns' shirt looks like one a mom would pick out for her ten year old kid. 
  • Great promo from Roman Reigns.
  • All three men are getting title shots, but Joe isn't happy and all hell breaks loose!
  • Kurt Angle is at the ramp waving security and wrestlers into the ring like he's a third base coach and it was great.
  • Not surprisingly, Braun kills many of them.
  • Later, Cole says we get a "partial Shield reunion of sorts."
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No DQ Match
Elias Samson defeated Finn Balor

  • Finn Balor interrupts Elias Samson's song. Original.
  • We get the limb targeting by Samson, and Balor is wearing K-tape to sell it. 
  • Samson hits a sweet snapmare-style shoulderbreaker.
  • The camera zooms on Balor's stomps are ridiculous.
  • Bray Wyatt shows up and hits Sister Abigail. YAWN.

Backstage crappenings

  • Emma wants her chance, and threatens to date Jason Jordan. Angle books her against Nia Jax.
  • Alexa Bliss cuts a good promo about Bayley and Sasha stealing each other's thunder. 
  • Titus O'Neil says he got Tozawa's match canceled because Tozawa's shoulder is a liability. This is good. Neville comes out and trolls Tozawa. Tozawa beats him up, but the Neville appearance made no sense. Daivari comes out to attack both men. 
  • We get a terrible written Sasha Banks-Bayley backstage promo.
  • Jason Jordan cuts a promo void of any charisma. To the contrary, I really liked the Ambrose/Rollins interaction.
  • Miz is backstage talking about how Seth Rollins is just like Hollywood -- trying to reboot a once successful franchise. 

Big Cass defeated Enzo Amore

  • Enzo is still over with the crown big time. He told Big Show before the match he didn't have a plan, he just wanted to fight.  
  • There are few in wrestling who sell an ass beating better than Enzo.
  • He gets his ass kicked, by the way.
  • Big Show comes to make the save, but gets beaten up too. Cass is a star based on the Youtube metrics.
  • Cass had threatened to snap Enzo's neck, which Cole heard as "slap." HILARIOUS.

Nia Jax defeated Emma

  • Poor Emma.
  • She gets literally squashed with a somersault senton, and a running SHOVE.
  • Corey Graves calls Nia the hybrid athlete, but I'm not sure what the hell he means.

Top Contender Match
Bayley defeated Sasha Banks

  • A couple of slick spots early, where Bayley is knocked off the top rope. Later she does a rope hung cutter.
  • There's a hockey brawl that ends in Bayley getting slammed into the turnbuckle.
  • A sick knee exchange! This is good stuff.
  • Bayley wins by reversing a frog splash pin, which doesn't make a lot of sense. 
  • I liked the match, but I don't know how reversing a pin with a floatover after you hook the leg post frog splash makes sense.
  • Those 13 minutes flew by.

Jason Jordan defeated Curt Hawkins

  • Jordan is going to have to be a bit meaner, he was softballing a little.
  • That softballing wasn't when he hit an overhead suplex or his finish -- a belly to back neckbreaker. 

The Revival defeated The Good Brothers

  • How are the "Good Brothers" not the official name for Gallows and Anderson? It is on this feature.
  • Anderson and Gallows act like babyfaces, putting over the town. Then they work out of the heel corner. 
  • This is good, solid tag team work.
  • Anderson gets air with a jumping calf kick. Great stuff.
  • Been a while since Gallows did a babyface hot tag, eh?
  • The Hardy Boyz come out and distract both teams, leading to a SICK Shatter Machine on Anderson.

The Shield 0.66 defeated The Miztourage

  • The most notable thing about this early is that Cesaro & Sheamus are watching. But why? A couple of jobbers and two guys who supposedly didn't wanna team? Well ok. 
  • There was nothing special about this until about 11 PM EST when the paint by numbers shit ended.
  • Bo Dallas got Enzo'd.
  • Seth Rollins had the damndest sell of a short DDT ever.
  • Shield fellas win. This was there, but the celebration afterwards was the best. Ambrose left Rollins hanging on a fist pound. 
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