Sean Raw Sapp (8/7): Match Ratings, Notes, Analysis, Last Man Standing, More

Opening segments.

  • Miz TV is immediately interrupted by Brock Lesnar.
  • Sweet. Brock got a blue shirt. I'm all for more wrestlers wearing something besides all black.
  • Miz unleashes an awesome promo, but Heyman answers back with a "role play" of his own. Miztourage will fill the spots of Brock's Summerslam opponents.
  • Brock kills them all. 
  • Was kind of hoping they'd eat F5's into the chairs. This was really good.
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Sheamus (w/ Cesaro) defeated Seth Rollins

  • I would have liked to see Rollins and Ambrose just quickly earn their way to a title match instead
  • This is really fast paced and hard hitting. 
  • Sheamus sneaks a win in a quick, surprising match.
  • Rollins goes full douche and attacks them. Why?
  • He gets his ass kicked and and Ambrose doesn't help.
  • Ambrose is mad Rollins made him look like a jerk. Rollins says he IS a jerk. Oh snap. More good promo work.

Jason Jordan beats up a super over jobber

  • Jason Jordan looks like 1996 Rocky Maivia without the hair
  • Axel is hurt, so Jordan comically gets a jobber. 
  • "Let's go jobber" chant.
  • That guy had no clue what Jordan was doing, and I don't think Jordan did either.
  • Well Jordan wasn't softballing tonight

Bayley promo

  • Bayley comes out and gets booed.
  • Real smart move to put Bayley in front of the Toronto crowd. WOMP WOMP WOMP.
  • Bayley gets really flustered.

Women's Title Contender Tourney Semifinal
Sasha Banks defeated Emma and Alicia Fox

  • Emma hit a sick wheelbarrow suplex onto the apron.
  • The crowd is firmly behind Emma.
  • Sasha goes knee crazy. Emma tries to steal a pin, but Alexa "kicks out." That was three.
  • Not Alicia's best showing. She botched all over the place. 
  • Emma breaks up a Banks Statement, but ends up tapping out herself.

Backstage Crappenings

  • Braun Strowman describes how much he loves beating the shit out of Roman Reigns. It's super koo.
  • We see Titus Worldwide backstage with a little Neville interaction. Good, not counterproductive. Sometimes that's all you can ask for. 
  • Goldust vignette. He's had one match on TV since his turn in May.

The Good Brothers defeated Enzo Amore and Big Show

  • Enzo brings out Big Show, they're interrupted by a really over Good Brothers.
  • Enzo unleashes a Dr. Evil reference that predates Big Show's WWE run.
  • We're getting a match, which means Enzo getting his ass kicked.
  • Big Show gave the most half-assed "OOH TAG ME" lean there. 
  • Big Cass comes out for a distraction and Enzo gets beaten while Show is taken out. All fair and square.
  • Enzo and Show beat up Cass after. This is the most not happening feud, and every week it does great Youtube numbers.
  • Later, Angle books Show vs. Cass with Enzo in a shark cage for Summerslam.

Finn Balor/Bray Wyatt segment

  • I can't wait for football.
  • At least Balor made a point that Bray Wyatt doesn't care that much about winning,
  • Wyatt appears, tries to attack, gets thwarted, disappears. He cuts a promo on the Titantron.
  • Dead in the water.

Dean Ambrose defeated Cesaro (w/ Sheamus)

  • Cesaro tripped on his way to the ring. 
  • Dean Ambrose is getting better at switching up his offense, but his moves from the inside to the outside always look bad.
  • Cesaro and Ambrose had the crowd hooked with a superplex spot that looked like it was going outside the ring.
  • For a pointless Raw match, this is a fun watch.
  • Ambrose wins, and Rollins saves him from a beatdown. The crowd is stoked. Great storytelling out of these two with Cesaro and Sheamus too. 
  • I would argue that Dean Ambrose is doing the best work of his WWE main roster career right now.
  • Rollins leaves Ambrose hanging on a fist bump. A+.

Akira Tozawa defeated Ariya Daivari 

  • There's no point for a rematch here, it's just to get Titus on commentary.
  • Tozawa is really finding his groove. Not just on 205 Live, but Raw. 
  • Tozawa wins.

WWE Women's Title Contender Semifinal
Nia Jax defeated Dana Brooke and Mickie James

  • Nia Jax killed Dana Brooke twice
  • Nia wins. That clothesline was nasty.
  • If they put that Nia Jax - Dana Brooke clothesline in the next Saw movie I'd be like "yeah, that fits."

Last Man Standing
Braun Strowman defeated Roman Reigns

  • Hard hitting, grass is green.
  • Strowman is still adding to his repertoire. 
  • Reigns uses steel stairs, then later counters a pop-up into a Superman Punch.
  • It's crazy that Braun Strowman gets the psychology of using something like a front dropkick better than a lot of veterans of ten-plus yers. 
  • You think that a Samoan Drop through the table is something, then Braun heaves an office chair at Roman's face.
  • Reigns puts his whole body into a spear on the ramp. 
  • For some reason the ref stops counting when Samoa Joe interferes and chokes Reigns.
  • This would have been a 7 had that inexplicable ending happened differently.
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